Which 38 Cities Have Their Own Top Level Domain? (Infographic)

newgtldChristopher Hofman Laursen from the European Domain Centre published a moving infographic displaying all 38 cities from all over the world that have their own new gTLDs.

“By now most people know that a lot of new domain extensions have come out over the last years. You might have heard about .xyz, .club or .guru. Heck, you might even have met a .london or .berlin on your way. But fewer are aware that more than 30 cities have their own domain names, and at some time in 2016 we will have 38 different city domain extensions.”

“City domains have turned out to be extremely popular as an alternative to the classic domain extensions such as .com or the country code extensions (.fr, .de, .co.uk…). So popular that three of them can be found in the top 20 of most popular new top level domains since 2013 (more than 500 new extensions have gone live).”

city domain extensions
You can read the complete European Domain Centre blog post here.

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  1. Dot .Athens should go to the original city, not any other copycat 😛

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