Do you know all domain endings? From .com to .whatever. (Infographic)

newgtldChristopher Hofman, founder of the  European Domain Centre, published an infographic showing all domain name extensions. It starts in 1985 with .com and .edu and ends 30 years later, in 2015, with extensions such as .hotels, .app and .world. This is the domain name extension infographic:

Map of all domain endings since 1985 from .com to .whatever

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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Great chart wow that’s a lot of new tlds added still love dot com to me dot Is king is there anyway I can see either software or a website how many new dotcoms are rego for a word ie say holo or hologram buy a lot of new technology and would love to see if they are being regod recently or immersive would like to know if a term is taking off best way is to see if the term is being regod more recently many thanks Shane

  2. Wonderful infographic. Thank you for sharing.

    Frightening to see 2014 and 2015 side – answer to what is going to happen to most of them.

  3. Hi Konstantinos, glad you liked it. We spent most of February putting it together, as it’s a lot of data. I’m sure you will get a kick out of the interactive version at

  4. David Gruttadaurio

    This is a great infographic! I had no idea .us was one of the original nine extensions. From Neustar’s website, I’m guessing it wasn’t made available for public adoption until 2002. Who was able to register it prior that?

  5. Nice chart. Makes it very obvious that everything colored yellow from 2001 is a waste of cyber-space.

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