– My domain name donation is still on hold after 9 years

Back in December 2004, 9 years back, I got the domain name using a Go Daddy backorder so I could donate it to the Greenpeace organization. A week after I got it I send an email to Greenpeace and told them that I wanted to donate the domain name to them.

I heard back from Sjoerd Jongens who was working for Greenpeace International in Amsterdam, Holland. He told me that while he was able to transfer the domain he needed to consult with the publishing side of the organization.

A few days later I heard from Steve Erwood that told me that my “generous offer” had been forwarded to both the legal department and their New Media Unit Head, Brian Fitzgerald.

That was the last I heard from anyone from Greenpeace.

I remembered about this last week. As I was renewing a few domains my eye caught and I wondered why I still own this domain.

I tried to contact Steve Erwood, that still works with Greenpeace, and Sjoerd Jongens. Unfortunately after my email to Sjoerd Jongens bounced I did a search and found out that Sjoerd Jongens passed away a few years back in a bicycle accident. From the little I knew of him, he seemed like a very nice person. He worked for Greenpeace for over 20 years and he really knew his way around computers and domain names.

I didn’t hear from Steve Erwood so I also contacted Eef Verkade (that I found in whois details) and the Greenpeace webmaster. Still no reply. Maybe my emails are caught in some spam filter…

If anyone knows how to contact Greenpeace regarding this issue, any help would be welcome. I own for 9 years now and it just sits there. I think it is time it found its proper home.

The Greenpeace organization owns many domain names like,,, and others.

One thing I noticed is that the 2 more important domain names and have Sjoerd Jongens email address listed as the Registrant Email. This email address stopped working 5 years ago. It is time for a whois update and maybe time to leave Network Solutions for a better registrar.

Greenpeace has not been very active going after their organization domains. They have only filed for 1 UDRP complaint back in 2005 and the case was terminated before it was decided. The domain now sits unregistered. On the contrary Greenpeace has been on the receiving end of 3 UDRP complaints. The complainant in the latest one was an oil company but the complaint was dismissed.


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