.eu Q3 report by EURid registry: registrations are stable, Germany is still #1

During Q3 2013, the number of .eu registrations decreased by 3 051 domain names, a net decrease of -0.1%, to 3.70 million. The total number of .eu domain name registered at the end of Q3 represented an increase of 0.9%, or 34 749 registrations, when compared with the total number at the end of Q3 2012.

The number of Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) in the .eu portfolio at the end of Q3 2013 was 58 144, or 1.6% of all registrations. The num-ber of IDNs as a percentage of new registrations is at the same level as that of other registries. The number of DNSSEC signed names was 204 719 or 5.5% of all registrations.

By the end of the quarter there were a total of 758 .eu accredited registrars, the top ten registrars accounted for 36.9% of all .eu registrations.

During the third quarter, the total number of .eu registrations increased in 16 of the 28 EU member states. Ireland, Portugal, Estonia, Malta and Latvia all saw growth of more than 2%. .eu is now available to residents of Croatia which saw 3 046 names registered during Q3.

Germany is still leading in number of .eu registrations with over 1.1 million.

The .eu top-level domain (TLD) and its registry EURid saw a variety of developments during the third quarter of 2013, the most significant being the certification for the ISO 27001 security standard following an audit by the British Standards Institution on 24 September 2013

ISO 27001 is a standard designed and developed to help businesses manage their security. It provides requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in the framework of general company risks. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process.

“EURid decided to adopt this standard to show our registrars, registrants and the world that information security is a key asset to us,” commented EURid General Manager Marc Van Wesemael. “Achieving certification is also another way in which we can improve the quality of the .eu brand.”

EURid has been proactive in Business Continuity and Contingency Management since 2006, when – as one of the first European registries to do so – it introduced a company-wide Business Continuity and Contingency Management program, which has resulted in a yearly business continuity exercise. The ISO 27001 certification is just the most recent demonstration of the registry’s commitment to ensuring security for the .eu top-level domain.

For more information on Q3 2013, download the full quarterly report.


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