Afilias 4th premium .INFO auction coming at Sedo on May 29 (,,,

After the first 2 GoDaddy/Afilias auctions (See here the results of the 1st .info auction and the results of the 2nd .info auction) and the Namejet/Afilias auction, the next batch of premium .info domains moves once again to a new venue.

Sedo has partnered with Afilias to auction this list of 158 Premium .INFO domains for the first time. The list includes domains with German and French terms such as,,,, but a few English terms are also included in the list. The auction will run from May 29 through June 4, 2013.

“Since the introduction of .INFO in 2001, the domain has become the most popular new gTLD of all time,” said Roland LaPlante, CMO of Afilias, the ICANN-designated Registry Operator for the .INFO domain. “In fact, there are as many .INFO domains registered as all other new TLDs combined. It’s rare that a registry is able to make new domain names available, which is why Afilias is excited that Sedo will auction this set of desirable .INFO names to its international audience.”

Sedo’s CEO, Tobias Flaitz, added, “The Sedo auction and sales platform is ideally suited to help strong keyword domains reach the right domain buyer, wherever they are based and whatever language they speak. We are excited to make these .INFO premium names available to our buyers globally.”

Non-English terms have a good sales history in .info. Here are a few notable sales: $30,607 $29,885 €30,000 €30,000 $14,100 $11,970 $11,000 $10,564

Each name is listed with a low 1-99 USD and will sell to the highest bidder. To participate in this auction at the current reserve range you must complete Sedo’s Standard certification. I talked yesterday about how flooding the domain auctions with 100s of domains will not get you the prices you are looking for. I think that Afilias should slow down because the 3rd .info auction just finished in early May. This 4th auction has some good domains but I am not sure what the results will be…

Auctions are scheduled to start May/29/13 06:00 PM CEST.

Here is the complete list of the 158 .info domains:


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