Seriously: What is all the fuss with .PW?

I have been reading lately about the rebranding of the .pw ccTLD. The extension .pw is the country code top-level domain for Palau, an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. The question in my head all this time is: Why should I care?

I like Directi, the company who rebranding .pw as the “Professional Web”, but what is up with this? “Professional Web” means nothing. No one says let’s get on the ““Professional Web”. Also not every ccTLD is lucky enough to be .tv or .co. Most ccTLDs are meant to be used only by the people of same country. Palau has a 21,000 population and that is tough luck for the ccTLD but what can you do?

.PW is supposed to be the namespace for individuals and businesses who want a professional presence on the web. There are plenty of successful domains for that like .com and .net, a few of medium success like .biz and .co and few no one knows they still exist like .pro.

The campaign argues “Why .PW?”:

  • It’s Open – Anyone can register a .PW name
    (so are most of the gTLDs and ccTLDs)
  • It’s Available – A completely new namespace, with unlimited domain options
    (not so new, it was first delegated in 1997, and there are unlimited options for a reason)
  • It’s Affordable – Get a quality name at a reasonable price
    (the $10 wholesale price could be better)
  • It’s Secure – Best industry practices: UDRP, Trademark friendly
    (so are most of the gTLDs and ccTLDs)

Anyone that can tell me why should I care about .pw?


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now live in Athens, Greece. I love domains and building websites. I am online since 1995, learned about HTML in 1996 and about domains in 2002. I started publishing the blog in 2012.


  1. Simply put, it is an ‘opportunity’ for those who missed the previous boat (.mobi .co .tel .asia) to waste money like their peers 😀

  2. One difference is who they marketing the TLD to. The existing base of registrants for dot-com, etc. are concentrated in North American and Western Europe.

    .PW is targeting relative late-comers to the internet in places like Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia, where the growth of registrants is growing fast.

    • .com is all over the world.
      Turkey is using and Brazil is using
      Do you think these countries will prefer .pw over or simply .com?
      Russia likes .com and .info from my experience, and of course .ru.

      Why would any country use a ccTLD of another country when the TLD makes absolutely no sense?

  3. .pw is such an ugly name….won’t go near it…..

    • Dear Raymond,

      Thank you for your honest thoughts about .pw I am from that country that use that cctld and we are sorry of the .pw is not so appealing to you but we hope that if you could do your research of who assigned those cctld we did not ask to have that DNS name for our country but we are working hard to have it rebranded and make a good use of it.

  4. there is no fuss
    nobody is stupid enough to buy this shit from directi

    a few banners on registrars and a few bs press releases will hopefully fool no-one

    .pw is dogshit

  5. It’s a crap ccTLD. I won’t be registering a single domain in .pw. Waste of time and money.

  6. .co .me .tv are heaps better than .pw

  7. @Raymond I have to agree with you there
    @Guy I think I stepped on some .pw the other day. 😉

  8. .pw sounds like Public Works department !

  9. Hi All.
    Let me tell your firstly that even that I own a few hundred domains,also some .PW, I am sure that all of the above members are far more experienced domainers then I am .
    My domains I useally park with Sedo an dhope to sell some or get some clicks.
    I like to ask the “anti.PW” members who dont want to touch this ext with what ever.
    If you could register a domain ,like or ,wouldn’t you take it just because it is a .PW ? Good names are getting harder to get with any extension.
    Just my way of thinking but I have some 3 and 4 letter .PW domains and I leave them sitting there for a year and see what happens.If I dont sell any ,then I only lost a few 100 bucks.
    Good day

  10. I also think, that they are useless, after having read 10 other articles.

  11. i think pw should be branded as a “personal website”, ’cause every profesional web builder will choose .com, and when it just a personal website, no one will care if it just a ccTLD.

  12. I received a video today and the header had this: ExtensionWatch with MPV
    from Then it said: It can Read and Change all your data on the sites you visit. I didn’t accept or play it. Any ideas?

  13. Actually i just now learned there was a DOT PW (ending)
    my first thought when i saw the PW?
    What the hell are they doing advertising their password?

  14. @Konstantinos Zournas Thank you for posting & informing about .PW domain.

    Best Regard

  15. I am inundated with .pw url scam spam emails every day. No matter how many I put on my Blocked Sender list, they still keep coming like a swarm of locusts.
    The first thing I did was put .pw on the block TLD domain list. Nothing has worked. Does anybody have a cure for this plague? HELP!

    • Please stop spreading false information. It does not have issues .live, .buzz, .fit, .tk and even .com all get much more spam from them. You’re getting targeted by someone specifically who’s using that domain, that doesn’t mean they spam more than everyone else.
      The only thing wrong with the wep is the boomer mentality of “everything must be dot com or else!!!”

  16. pw is realllllllllyyyyyyy bad domain

  17. I don’t know how commercially beneficial is .pw but I have live website on a .pw which earn me around $2.50 to as much as $5 per day.

    Not siding with anyone just a fact.

  18. .pw is full SPAMMERS !!!

  19. pw is so bad that IDS/Snort-Suricata block this domain: ET INFO HTTP Request to a *.pw domain

  20. There are many extensions that we do not believe are profitable and they get very good domains sales, you have to try them, Pw I don’t like it.
    Although for buying AI extension domain Anguilla two years I register last sales the first two profitable, but the rest do not reach $ 1k.
    I prefer to buy two years .Ca and that there are still very good free domains for these two extensions and get more money for sale

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