Pool’s domains transferred away from NamesBeyond with old AUTH CODES

Pool announced on the 20th of December that it is shutting down many of it’s registrars effective January 10, 2013. Pool’s move to shut down registrars left thousands of domains in limbo. All domains affected by this shutdown and the 60 day registrar lock should be free to transfer by now.

Pool announced that all the affected domains would be moved to the registrar Names Beyond after an ICANN decision. I received a couple of emails welcoming me to Names Beyond and the transfer process from the de-accredited Pool registrars has been completed but I haven’t received my login and password yet. I guess you have to contact support to get the login details.

Instead of contacting support I tried my solution to the Pool problem that was transferring the affected domains without waiting for these credentials. And it worked perfect.

The domains, now registered at Names Beyond, have been transferred to my preferred registrar. I had unlocked all domains before these were transferred to Names Beyond and I had gotten the auth codes. The domains remained unlocked after the registrar transfer to Names Beyond and the auth codes were not changed. Furthermore the domains don’t have the 60 day lock that a normal registrar change to Names Beyond would have. All domains were transferred out successfully.


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