2012 Best Buyer Award – The Overpaying Buyer

I have setup my own sales landers for about 5000 of my domain names. (more on this at a forthcoming article) I did that a couple of months back when I started leaving Sedo.

At this lander I invite potential buyers to send an offer and add a message as well if they want. Yesterday I got an offer for £25 with a message saying:

If you aren’t using it I’m willing to buy it and put the domain to good use.

Of course I was impressed with this great offer for a 2001 registered domain name. Not. My reply, because I didn’t want to be rude just yet, was simply:

Is your offer £25?

I was expecting any kind of replies but I couldn’t anticipate this one:

No sorry it was £5

Believe it or not he was actually afraid of overpaying by spending £25 for an 11 year old domain. I have gotten a few inquiries to donate a domain to charity and even got a $2 offer but I have never had a buyer afraid of overpaying at this level. So I think you will all agree that he can have the Best Buyer Award for 2012.

My reply to this £5 offer was a deserving:

Is this a joke?

Did you have similar experiences in 2012? Please share them by leaving a comment below.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Here is my experience: I have more than 100 3 letter domains listed at 4.cn (the Chinese Market place) I get lot of offers between 50 to 100, but guess what the offer are not in US $ but in CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) currency, that means there are people thinking to buy 3 letter .com registered 12 years ago for $ 8

  2. one thing I forget, we are talking of 3 letter .com domains

  3. Funny but I have a better story:

    One day I sent an offer to the private whois email address of a domain I found catchy. As I was in a buying mood I contacted many domain owners this day…
    Few days after I received an email of someone apparently asking me to purchase one of my names, I really found the offer low so I immediately counter offer.
    But what was my surprise to immediately receive my counter offer!!!
    In fact I forgot I was the owner of this domain and because the private email was attached to an email rarely used then it taken days for me to get my initial purchase offer.

    The lesson is:
    As a buyer one always found domains expensive and cheap as a seller!

    PS: If the only value your domain had was his age (you repeat it many times) then probably it was crap (as for me the age it’s the “quality” domainers outline when a domain has no value and there is nothing else to sell it), in this case my above story also apply 😉

    • It has happened to me a few times:
      I think of a domain name I would like to have and when I check whois I find that I am the owner after all! 🙂
      The domain was a 1 word .info that has gotten a few offers before.

  4. Not as interesting as the guy who called me at 11:45pm to inquire about a domain, and left a message. Seeing that it was expiring on Jan. 1st, I renewed it. Then, before I was able to return his call, he called back and left an angry message about how I renewed it. Time-wasters are aplenty. Happy new year!

  5. I received an email from someone offering $100 on a two-word .COM. His comment was that he was contacting me personally because he was trying to make an offer for the domain at SEDO but it wouldn’t let him (because I had a fixed price I believe at $349). I declined.

  6. it doesn’t surprise me the offer was in £
    I am British myself and sell domains to people all over the World, as we all do.
    primarily Americans, Canadians, Australians and Europeans
    I have to say prospective British buyers are the rudest and the cheapest. On the whole.
    Actually Germans are the tightest, in my experience.

  7. lol
    I find the German ‘buyers’ budget so low it doesn’t count
    it’s annoying as the highest sales ever for cctlds are for .uk and .de and yet I have never had a good buyer like that
    best european buyers I sell to are french and italian
    good to deal with and good payers

    the highest .uk sale i got was to a French buyer too!
    I even had a good .uk sale to a Scotsman and you know what they say about them!
    actually the Scots are really cool people
    I have never sold an enduser domain to a Greek buyer.
    they are too savvy, they only buy from drop lists , lol

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