The million dollar domain name:

Last week Chris O’Dowd was a guest at Conan, the Conan O’Brien hosted TV show. At some point of the interview Conan asked Chris about his new movie with Megan Fox. Chris O’Dowd said that during press interviews that he did together with Megan Fox everybody would ask Megan Fox how she got her body back after pregnancy. So he made up fake secret “how to get your body back”. One of his fake secrets was “broccoli belly rub”.

He then said to Conan that all he needs to do now is buy the domain name and he would be a millionaire. I guess he missed out on a couple of millions as the domain was gone soon after that. FULL EPISODE

The domain name was registered on the same day at Domain Monster by a Milwaukee company. The domain only hosts the Domain Monster holding page and doesn’t display any ads.

It seems that the company likes strange/funny domain names as their whois email address is You need to check out this website as it seems that this company takes domain name very seriously. You need to be at least 18 years of age to visit this website so beware.


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  1. That site is f-ing hilarious

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