Go Daddy – Confused buyers waiting for an 80 day auction and lowball scavengers

Since Sedo (MLS) started forcingly and without my consent pushing my domain names at Go Daddy Auctions I have received a few offers from buyers through Go Daddy.

I have removed 2 thirds of my domains from Sedo because I don’t want them listed at Go Daddy Auctions. All my domains at Sedo have a minimum price set at 1500 USD. From the couple of
thousands of domains left at Sedo it seems that a few had gotten away and didn’t have the minimum price set. I only had 30 domains like that but the lowball scavangers at Go Daddy managed to dig one of them out and make me a staggering $78 offer for an 11 year old domain name. I would rather burn the domain before selling at this price and losing moeny! Of course my counteroffer went unanswered.

The thing is I have not received a single counteroffer from these Go Dadddy “buyers”. I believe the buyers are confused by the Go Daddy system listing all domains as being in auction.

Here is the latest email I got:

Hi there,

I am looking to buy a domain for my new website.

I see that this domain is up for auction in godaddy next year, but I can’t wait that long to launch my website. Is it available for sale before that?

I have seen all the other domains that I can purchase on godaddy auctions, and I believe this is a fair price for this domain.


As I have said before no sane man will make an offer for a domain that is in auction before that auction is near the end. And even if they do they certainly will not expect to get a counteroffer! Some buyers like the one above are trying to circumvent this hideous Go Daddy system that is supported and rewarded by Sedo.


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  1. sedo are scum
    i left them couple years back but rejoined and thought would have another go
    2 domains bought at bin, totalling about $14k
    TWO nonbuyers and one of them managed to join up without an address
    sedo support hopeless
    deleted 2000 domains today, told them about it and they dont give a crap
    come on domainers delete all YOUR DOMAINS FROM SEDO
    just 50 domainers could take around 100-150k domains off their database
    I;m with my own sales sites now and Frank Schilling’s internettraffic and domainnamesales

    I have always hates afternic so don’t use them
    try searching for a domain on there lol
    the only way buyers find your domain is direct nav, so you may as well sell yourself!

  2. I totally agree Guy. Sedo has become so unresponsive that it’s a mystery how they are even in business. To have domain sellers leave Sedo though, you must offer them a very good alternative. So far there’s not much out there which is surprising when you see the huge profits reported in Sedo’s own quarterly reports. I predict, GoDaddy will probably buy Sedo soon. Why make pocket change on new domain registrations when you can get 20% clear profit from existing domain sales!

    I have pounded on eNom (second largest registrar in the world) for years to display domains that their own customers have registered through them. But no, eNom only wants to deal with Afternic and their exclusive proprietary display of domains to buy.

    If GoDaddy just offered a simple buy page with search features (not an auction) for purchasing domains at “Buy Now” prices that certainly would end the existence of Sedo all together. Who needs Sedo? They are just another middle man with no purpose and no customer service.

    Some might prefer to go the auction format method, but in my opinion “auctions” in general is just a snake pit. Can’t argue with reality. There’s numerous TV shows in the US that use auctions as entertainment. These shows like Storage Wars show the underhanded and nasty ways of auctions. I certainly would not be interested in being associated with an auction format now. Almost on every TV episode, one of the bidders looks into the camera and whispers “I don’t want these items, but I’m going to run up the price for that other guy”!

    You can’t have millions of viewers seeing that kind of screw-you, it will cost you more attitude and then feel warm and fuzzy entering into a domain auction! Serious and professional domain sellers need to give a set definite full ownership price no different than the biggest retailers in the world do. I see the price on Amazon and decide if I wish to obtain the product.

    I haven’t checked. Does anyone know the difference between submitting a domain directly to GoDaddy for a Buy-it-Now price, instead of going to Sedo and then seeing it offered on GoDaddy?

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