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For the past couple of months I have been testing the domain parking and domain sales platform at Results are pretty good and the only thing missing is a generic lander. Internet Traffic is accepting sign ups so anyone with a clean portfolio can submit an account request. Internet Traffic and its Domain Name Sales platform (DNS) operate a clean network of generic names for sale and monetization. Ensure that the list you submit is pre-scrubbed of any  domains that contain trademarks and any other intellectual property risk.

My PPC test sample is very small (about 60 domains) but results are good so far. Not excellent but promising. Some domains are earning more than what they used to and others need some more optimization.

I am getting some interest on the domains I have parked at (about 10 in a month) but I have yet to receive an offer. I have tried both sending offer requests and quotes but I haven’t gotten an offer so far. My minimum offer price is set at $1000 for all domains so these buyers might get discouraged by that. Anyway, 60 domains is not a proper test sample. I will do more testing as I point more domains at IT. pays PPC earnings approximately net 30 from the end of a given month. For example, they will pay November earnings at the end of December. The minimum earnings to be paid is currently $100. Payment options include Paypal and Wire Transfer. can not send ACH payments, as they are not located in the United States.

My only complaint so far is that Internet Traffic doesn’t offer a truly generic lander. If you choose the General category and the General Sub-category you end up with a lander that is mostly focused on business and financial terms: generic lander

I am looking for a lander that offers a broader range of categories like the ones offered by other parking companies:

Sedo generic lander generic lander

The people at Internet Traffic are working on creating a category like this. My support ticket requesting a more general category will be left open by Internet Traffic support until this category is created. That is some first class support!

I am also waiting for an Android app. Internet Traffic will not create this app until the iPhone app has matured and is widely used. Iphone owners please start using the app!!!

After my post yesterday about how Go Daddy is destroying domain sales with Sedo’s help, a good alternative is needed and Internet Traffic seems like the best bet.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. As much as I hate to say it on the revenue side they are terrible, like the whole PPC market. Domain owners would be better off finding other models. PPC for domains is pretty much dead.

    • Terrible domains produce terrible earnings. My revenue more than doubled, as compared to Sedo.

      • Not exactly. Regardless of domains we’re looking at what they used to make vs. what they make today. The domains are the same, results vary.

      • You call IT ‘terrible’ because 5 years ago you made more. Some logic there. IT pays substantially more than any other PPC for a simple reason: they aren’t greedy. So instead of taking advantage of that, you call them ‘terrible’. That’s more suited to Sedo per my own personal revenue numbers.

  2. By all means move all your domains to Internet Traffic, you won’t be able to see the *huge* difference with just 60 domains. You will be amazed, a I did with my first payment for a partial month!

    As for the landers, check the box “specific keyword” and it will adjust to your choice very accurately.

  3. Acro,

    Your hash, and awkward attack on LM is uncalled for, especially since you have no empirical data to back your claim about the quality of his domains. It’s best to leave sites such as this, and Impulse to speak truth and facts, without fear or intimidation.

    I recall debating with you, ( while you engaged in argument) about Sedo, amazingly a few months later, you are knocking them. I like your blogs, but it’s imperative that some blogs such as Konstantinos’ speak freely. Don’t try to misunderstand me, or lash out.

    • Mr. Domenclature aka Uzoma aka Mr. “I will spam my junk on every blog” – Who died and made you classroom monitor? I don’t debate, fool, I make business decisions based on revenue.

      • Stay focused on the issue. I admonished you for saying to LM that “Terrible domains produce terrible earnings”, Do you have the data to back that up? You are a Frank Schilling hallelujah choir boy, I know, but some of us appreciate bold, unbiased, researched, data – to make our own “business decisions”; there’re many facets to domain name investing. So, stop running around telling people what names are terrible. Finally, no more name calling, do you understand? Use your “wit” instead.

      • Uzoma – I think DomainShane already branded you as the domainer with the smallest p***s, no need to try to be a d**k when you can’t. On a serious note, if you don’t like what I write – including how I openly state how Sedo robbed me and others for years while Internet Traffic actually pays – feel free to put me on ignore. Nobody set you as a referee, especially on someone else’s blog.

  4. I have been at InternetTraffic almost two months now, and am enjoying the experience and control panel tools for selling. The parking is a side benefit, the power is in the selling machine behind the scenes.

  5. I joined domainsales just 4 days. I liked their transparency. I received an offer with full details about the buyer. It is too early for me to comment on internet traffic.

  6. I have used them for several months and am very happy with what they offer. I previously had most of my domains setup as minisites (using Adsense), and they are now making 5 times as much on InternetTraffic.

    I like their sales platform, although for my own purposes, my old system of just responding to offers by email seems just as good. I am online 18+ hours a day 7 days a week so having a “system” for handling offers/inquiries does not really help me much. I tried using them as a broker also, and they were good, but I don’t think any more domains got sold than when I handle it directly. For most people though their domain sales platform would be great. I am not a typical user.

  7. I don’t know whats going on with domain name sales or A.K.A Internet traffic but I have not been payed for parking and emails have not been returned. are they a victim of the latest euro ddos.

  8. I have not had any problems. I was paid a few days ago and their domain sales system is working fine.

  9. In some ways I just don’t get it. Google want’s you to develop your sites.
    build software, that’s it.They want more content, no not just content but quality content.upgraded more often. more photos. Do you feel like your living in the city? Playing the fast lane game for Google.?
    sure their making more money on developed sites than parked ones.
    I’m not in that big of a rush, I have other commitments. whats wrong with parking my sites for awhile.
    I don’t like the big push and pressuring by Google to develop my sites.
    It’s not like I’m relying on my looks like Kim K.. Ive got time.
    I’m more relaxing on the beach type like Rick S.
    Am I missing something here, if so fill me in.

  10. Rick I’ll bet your rolling laughing.

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