New .eu trade and transfer procedure goes live on November 21, 2012

EuRid, the .eu registry operator,.eu will introduce a revised trade and transfer procedure for .eu domains names on 21 November 2012. The revised procedure aims to automate the .eu trade and transfer process, making it more user friendly for both .eu domain name holders and their registrars.

The new .eu trade and transfer procedure will adopt common industry practices in that it will add a year to the current registration period of your domain. Also EURid will permit owners to either simply transfer the domain from one registrar to another or to do a transfer and owner change at the same time. The authorization codes for .eu domain names are created on the fly by request and are only valid for 40 days.

The changes are the result of a lengthy development process that included extensive consultation with .eu accredited registrars, as well as analysis of the top-level domain market best practices.

Due to this revision of trade and transfer procedure for .eu domain names, new versions of the .eu Terms and Conditions and Registration Policy will also come into effect on 21 November 2012.


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