Go Daddy and Enom are soliciting offers for the 85 .org domains at Project94.org

A few days ago the Public Interest Registry (PIR), which is the .ORG registry, announced that it will release 94 one and two character .ORG domains using Go Daddy and eNom. (36 one and 58 two character) PIR published the lists of domains allocated to each registrar at the website Project94.org. The lists have 85 .org domains. Go Daddy has 42 and eNom has 43 .org domains. You can find the Go Daddy and Enom lists of the total 85 .org domains here. The other 9 two character .org domains are still missing from the lists.

When PIR first took over operation of the .ORG domain in 2003, these names were reserved for future allocation and deemed unavailable for immediate registration. Through a partnership with Go Daddy(Go Daddy Auctions) and eNom (Namejet), the addresses will be made available through an allocation process to companies and organizations who respect the inherent trust and value of the .ORG brand.

Now I see that Go Daddy and Enom are soliciting offers for the 85 .org domains at Project94.org. If you click the “Contact Us” link at the website you will be taken to a web page where you can show your interest in any of the 85 .org domains. Among the usual contact details you also asked to give an offer amount and explain how would you use your .ORG(s).

So it seems that Go Daddy and Enom can choose to give the domains to anyone they choose to but given their extensive use of auctions (GoDaddy Auctions and Namejet) that is not probable. I believe that this auction will happen and will not be affected by “How would you use your .ORG(s)”.


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