and are 2 of the .org domains missing from plus 59 possible ones

A few days ago I made a post about how the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the .ORG registry, will release 94 one and two character .ORG domains using Go Daddy and eNom.

PIR published the lists of domains allocated to each registrar at the website The lists have 85 .org domains. Go Daddy has 42 and eNom has 43 .org domains. I posted there the complete list of these 85 domains here.

There were 9 domains adding up to 94 that were missing. I ran a whois search for all the possible 2 character combinations in .org. I found 2 .org domains from the 9 that are missing. These are and All 87 domains have a creation date of the 7th of May 2012. I found another 59 2 character domains that return a whois result only saying “Name is reserved by Registry_Policy”. Some of these are very good like that is the country code of Portugal. It is most probable that 7 of these 59 domains will be in Project 94. Here is the list of these 59 domains:

2 letters 2 characters

I am not sure why PIR named the project “Project 94” and only presented 85 domain names. What is going to happen to the other 9? What is going to be the allocation process for these? I asked PIR but didn’t get a reply yet.


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