I miss the old 15x.net nameservers!!!

Since 2002 I have been making lists and going through the lists every day. When I was sorting the lists by nameservers, a couple of the most common nameservers I saw belonged to the Name Administration Inc. (BVI):


Back then I didn’t know who Frank Schilling was and I was calling the company “Name Admin” because the administrative email was using (and still is) the nameadmininc.com domain name.

Some time in September or October of 2008 the nameservers to all the domains belonging to Frank Schilling changed to ns1.hostingnet.com and ns2.hostingnet.com.

I don’t know what was the reason for changing nameservers but I sure miss seeing the old ones. Whenever I see the new nameservers I need a second to realize to whom do these belong to. The old ones were instantly recognizable to me.

The domain 15x.net redirects to NAMedia. NAMedia is one of Frank’s companies and the namedia.com website has a very interesting presentation explaining what a premium domain name is, why you need one and how you can use it. At the end of the presentation are redirected to Domain Name Sales so you can buy one! The domain hostingnet.com offers hosting solutions.


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