– What domain not to register #4

Really? Do you call yourselves domainers?

I have done a couple of posts in the “What domain not to register” series I started: What domain not to register #1 and What domain not to register #2 and #3 but this one really takes the cake.

I was going through the Namejet backorders today and sorted domains by bidders. I saw that 5 people have backordered the domain that is going into auction in about 4 days. High bid is at $70. This is an expiring domain that is registered at Enom so it goes into auction at Namejet.

It was owned by Sedo GmbH up untill last year. It went into “Reactivation Period” last year, meaning it expired. Then it went behind Whois Privacy. Was it auctioned last year at Namejet and someone bought it? Is it Sedo or last year’s winner that let it expire this year?

I don’t care about trademarks and all that in this situation. Really? Are you all 5 domainers? Do you list your domains at Sedo? Are you going to list at Sedo and try to sell it at, you’ve guessed it, SEDO? This is the point where it becomes simply unethical. As domainers we do business with 5 or 10, maybe 15, companies at most, at a time. Is it really necessary to go after a domain that one of these companies owned?

I will give Sedo the heads up. Sorry “Namejet 5” but I have to do this. There is some possibility that they don’t care about the domain anymore. But they registered it when they were starting the company back in 2000.

I wonder if more people will add to their backorders after reading this post… Actually I don’t.


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  1. I see and understand your point but Sedo is fairly common surname and the word is also within many company names globally. sedo(dot)net is a good example so maybe the 5 current bidders aren’t all potential cybersquatters and have a valid and ethical use for the domain?

    • I know that Sedo is a surname and it could be an acronym also. And I also know that Sedo bought from a guy named Sedo from Germany a few years back.
      But I am not talking about the legal issue here or cybersquatting. I am talking about not screwing the people you do business with.

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