Where the shops have no domain name…

I was visiting a small island in the Aegean Sea in Greece. I walked through the greater part of it’s largest village. Like all domainers do, when I go out for a walk I look around to see what domain names are being used by businesses. The problem was I didn’t found a single domain name or website advertised anywhere. None of the shops and restaurants  had a website address on their store front and actually they didn’t use one at all.

My wife and I, booked our hotel online and I know our hotel had a website and most or the other hotels had websites too. The small apartments or rooms to rent  that don’t have a website advertise on an island directory website. But hotels need domain and websites to get people on the island.

But once visitors arrive on the island, shops and restaurants don’t actually need any help finding. The island is small and you are bound to see everything (and everyone). Restaurants here work by reputation only. A great website will not help your restaurant if the whole island knows that the food you are serving is no good. We ate twice in a small grocery store that is owned by an old lady that cooks in her home’s kitchen. She cooks 5 different dishes every day and all the people that eat there are sent by others that have eaten there before. She doesn’t even have a sign with her store’s name in front.

When you are aiming at a truly local market then a domain name and a website are not really needed. Being good at what you do is enough to make your shop or restaurant successful.

The greatest domain name will not get you customers. Or maybe it can get you customers but they will not be returning. So a good solid product or service is always necessary.

On the island’s defense WIFI internet access could be found everywhere:

Free internet access at a Greek island

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