.ART celebrates 7 years

.ART Registry celebrates its seventh anniversary since the public launch in May 2017. With over 254,000 artists, creators, museums, galleries, and institutions now part of this vibrant network, .ART has solidified its position as an essential digital space for artistic expression and cultural engagement.

Since its inception, .ART has not only provided a robust platform but has also led numerous initiatives that highlight the synergy between art and technology, reinforcing the Registry’s commitment to nurturing a dynamic community of creatives and art enthusiasts.

Highlighting Creative Milestones and Initiatives:

  • Art Therapy Initiative: Establishing a $1 million scholarship fund for Art Therapy graduate studies at George Washington University, .ART continues to support programs that harness creativity for healing, positively impacting lives and communities.
  • Presence at AAM Annual Meeting: Demonstrating ongoing support for museums and cultural institutions, .ART will again participate in the American Alliance of Museums’ annual meeting.
  • Healing Powers of Art: This year, we are proud to have produced an impactful documentary exploring the therapeutic roles of art in mental well-being.
  • Digital Innovation in Art Award: For the seventh year, .ART proudly sponsors this award as part of GP Bullhound’s ALLSTARS, celebrating technological creativity in the art world. Learn more and enter here.
  • Meet the .ARTists: Our series of monthly live-streamed webinars has elevated the profiles of diverse talents within our community. The growing awareness of .ART has attracted notable figures and businesses like Sharon Stone (SharonStone.art) and rising AI star Pika (Pika.art), underlining the expansive appeal of the .ART domain.
  • Global Recognition: Our community has garnered attention in top publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian, featuring members like Shantell Martin, CIRCA, and participants of international biennales including Malta, Sydney, and Shanghai.
  • .ART Publications in the Library of Congress: Our publications have been recognized by the Library of Congress including our first “.ART Odyssey: The Future of Art.” Preparations for the second edition are underway for publication this fall.
  • Launch of ID.art in Beta: The beta launch of ID.art marks a significant advancement in digital identity, offering innovative tools for artists and creators to showcase their work and connect globally.

About .ART Registry:
Launched in 2016 through an exclusive agreement with UK Creative Ideas Ltd and ICANN, .ART began as a pioneering domain registry and is actively evolving its mission to become the definitive digital archive for all art and cultural objects. With over 411,330 domains registered in 170+ countries, .ART serves a diverse community of creatives, artists, museums, businesses, and brands passionate about the arts.


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