GoDaddy partners with Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) partnered with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to enable domain name users to link their domains to ENS, with no additional costs or technical experience required.

Users can now connect their GoDaddy domain with their ENS name for free.

“This collaboration signifies a major step toward bridging the gap between the Domain Name System (DNS) and blockchain technology.

“DNS is a naming database that interprets readable addresses (domain names) into a unique string of numbers called an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Similarly, ENS simplifies complex wallet addresses into human-readable names. By connecting the two, it empowers domain owners with the combined security and reliability of GoDaddy, a globally recognized brand, along with the cutting-edge benefits of ENS’s blockchain infrastructure.”

“As a long-time domain industry steward, we are always looking for innovative enhancements that benefit our customers,” stated Paul Nicks, president of domains at GoDaddy. “Partnering with ENS presents our customers with a unique opportunity to experience the fusion of domains names and blockchain technologies, bringing some great benefits for users in both areas.”

“While it has always been feasible to bring domain names over to ENS, barriers like high gas fees have limited the seamless transition. To help, ENS deployed new smart contracts to enable the resolution process of domain names in ENS, at the DNS top-level domain (TLD) level. This allows verification of DNS records, enabling a cost-free method for users.”

“This integration not only simplifies user experience but also fosters a sense of trust in digital identities. Domain owners and crypto wallet holders can now enjoy a newfound convenience, effortlessly linking their digital assets for efficient management.”

“With this milestone, we are furthering our mission to build a more secure, decentralized and user-friendly internet,” said Nick Johnson, founder of ENS. “ENS, much like DNS, is a public good and a core part of the internet infrastructure. By pairing up ENS names and GoDaddy domains, we will streamline the way users interact with web domains, blending the familiarity of the DNS with the potential of blockchain technology.”


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