Nominet donates £200k for Ukraine, suspends registrars in Russia

Nominet announced that it is has donated £200k to the DEC Ukraine humanitarian appeal now underway.

Nominet has also stopped accepting registrations from registrars in Russia as it is suspending the relevant tags.

This is the complete Nominet update on Ukraine:

“As we watch events unfold, our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people who continue to face the horrors of an invasion that has turned their lives upside down.

To help those affected, we have donated £200k to the DEC Ukraine humanitarian appeal now underway – specifically to the British Red Cross who are one of a great number of charities already providing vital support.

We have allocated a further £50k to match any donations our members or staff wish to make to the appeal this month.

On a smaller scale, we have also donated powerbanks in the hope that helps some of those displaced stay connected to family and friends.

Unfortunately, times of great upheaval also present opportunities for fraud. With that in mind, we are checking new registrations via domain watch to tackle phishing scams related to the Ukrainian aid effort.

We are not accepting registrations from registrars in Russia – we are suspending the relevant tags.

However, to avoid compromising outlets for expression outside the control of the regime, the very small number of domains with Russian address details will continue to operate as normal.

The security of our systems remains a priority, and the response to the heightened threat to our infrastructure includes increased monitoring for signs of compromise and expedited action on any vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain.

As regards investments, at the start of the conflict there were investments of c£100k in Russian companies held embedded in funds within our portfolio. Working with our external advisors, we have reduced that amount to circa £1k with an ambition to get to zero.

We continue to monitor the situation and will keep members informed.

Members interested in matched funding available for British Red Cross donations can find more information available on the Member Hub.”


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  1. Where the list of names , addresses and properties of the oligarchs?

  2. Russia does not need nominet. Nominet needs Russia.

  3. Ukraine is now Russia, send some more money here nolinet.

  4. 200K and they make billions.
    It is like I would donate 1 usd.
    Shameless company.

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