.ME premium domain report: 453,500 EUR of revenue

The .ME Registry acted quickly in 2020 and on March 4th, 2020 they made the majority of its .ME premium domains available to anyone.

Because of that a bit more than a year after the launch, .me revenue from premium domains increased by more than 220%.

Premium Domain Sales – facts and figures

The data below applies to the period from March 4th, 2020 until March 31st, 2021 and contains the facts and figures on .ME premium domains created with registrars excluding .ME Premium Domain Program.

  • The total numbers of premium .ME domains registered: 79
  • Total revenue: 453,500 EUR. [*excluding the registrar’s margin which is usually from 15%  to 25%]
  • Average price per domain: 5,740 EUR.
  • Notable companies that registered .ME premium domains include Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.  (Cartoon.ME), 3M Company (3m.ME), BP P.L.C. (Bp.ME) and Koch Industries, Inc. (Koch.ME)
  • Some of the premium domains are already up and running. These are: Pass.ME (app for verifying COVID test results via QR code), Wonder.ME (virtual meeting space where users can move freely between the rooms), MC.ME (Chinese messaging app), Retail.ME (German platform that connects manufacturers to retailers), Enable.ME (financial strategy and coaching service), Now.ME (online meeting management app by Frameable)
  • The top registrars – GoDaddy (29 domains), NameCheap (13 domains), Gandi (6 domains), CSC Global (5 domains) and Key-Systems, PSI-USA and Name.com (4 domains each)
  • Top countries – the United States (48 domains), Proxy (11 domains), Canada (4 domains), Switzerland (3 domains) and the United Kingdom (3 domains)
  • The total number of 2-character domains: 15
  • The total number of 3-character domains: 7

Which .ME premium domains are still available?

Initially, almost 2,800 premium .ME domains were released in the registrar channel. A number of these premium domains are still available for direct registration. For example:

  • The one-letter and two-letter domains: X.ME, Z.ME, P.ME, VR.ME and TV.ME
  • One-digit and two-digit domains: 0.ME, 8.ME, 9.ME, 88.ME and 99.ME
  • Keyword domains like: Hosting.ME, Games.ME, Homes.ME, Credit.ME, Casinos.ME, and Auctions.ME.
  • Short domains: 4G.ME, Pos.ME, Ins.ME and Are.ME
  • Domains that carry a meaning in languages other than English such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian etc. These include .ME names such as Casa.ME, Empleo.ME, Invita.ME, Exito.ME, Podsjeti.ME and Pobedi.ME
  • Call-to-action domains comprised of a verb in English and .ME extension: Carry.ME, Improve.ME, Promote.ME, Refresh.ME and Include.ME

To download the infographic on .ME Premium Domain Report, please click here.


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