Please Vote!

Please vote today if you haven’t already voted in the United States 2020 Presidential election.

Vote for more sanity in the world.

I am not an American so I am posting the video of another non-American. (But he is now a US citizen.)

John Oliver takes a look at how the Trump administration has handled the coronavirus outbreak in the US, from lack of preparation, to mangled coordination, to harmful communication.


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  1. My vote goes to a tested evil rather than untested old man.

  2. To have a strong economy the society the people have to be healthy. Health is the utmost importance. The biggest and most important asset is YOU.YOUR HEALTH.


  3. Thanks for writing this Konstantinos! Get out there and vote everyone!!!

  4. if you vote for biden you aint a Domainer!

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Vote for unlimited .com price increases then?

      • Tell you what – The next time there’s a Greek election, those of us who know absolutely nothing about the candidates or where they stand – or how moral or immoral they are – will be happy to urge you and your fellow Greeks to vote for the candidate of OUR choice – just because we feel like it.

        Stick with domain topics…

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        I’ll tell you what. I will write whatever the fuck I want. If you don’t like it you can go away.

  5. my buddy that white privilege domain Shane can write anything he wants…go tell him that…
    This is a free country.

  6. That video is not allowed to be viewed, I had to grab the link from source code and go watch it with a VPN

    It would have been hilarious if it was not so tragic.

    The problem really is one can never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.

    Biden is a truly awful candidate but this election many people will vote for him just to get rid of Trump.

    Most US Presidents offer you your dreams or to protect you from your nightmares, Twump manages to do both

    IF he wins you can be sure he will continue to line his pockets, if he fails well he might just split the United Stated into 4, the only beneficiary of that will be the Russians and/or Chinese.

    I would like to say it is up to the Americans who they vote for and it is, but we will ALL be paying the price, but nobody more so than US Citizens. The fact that they can’t see that is their own fault, America is a already a Great country so making it great again make no sense to me.

    The biggest tragedy is the unnecessary US Coronavirus deaths, all that lost potential, all the love lost to and from the dead. Yet it is not over, many many more innocent Americans will die, some will be business owners, some will be factory workers, some will be mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. Twump will not feel it until one of his own children dies from it.

    There is so much wrong with Twump but if that is who they want then nobody can respect the American people, I saw his true nature year ago in an episode of the Apprentice when he rewarded people for cheating.

    Surely every new candidate is untested and if you think Twump has passed any kind of test then you are sorely mistaken.

    I like Capitalism but with a social conscience, being US President means making the Country better not lining your pockets.

    It is true there is no future business if your customer base is DEAD.

    Of course Twump not only had the best medical treatment but access to trial therapies, sadly the next 250,000 dead will get none of that nor the 250,000 after that.

    The $420m owed to Russians and Turks is the tip of the Iceberg, we will only find the true cost of Twump when he is defeated and loses the power he so often abuses. Remember who we are talking about; cheating is OK.

    If you voted two weeks ago your vote is automatically fraudulent, according to Twump, he has been prepping his followers for his excuse for failure, he will incite violence (Washington is already boarded up), we may see Militia vs the Military, some States have already prepped their National Guard.

    Voting for Biden just to get Twump out is admirable, people are domainers regardless of their preference.

    Whoever you Americans plan to vote for Good Luck, either way you will need it, the difference is that Biden will spend his Presidency cleaning up Twump’s failures while if Twump wins then he will continue his ruination of the USA.

  7. What a politician, not being President of a Country does not fill his pockets, all including those of the opposition during the years that they are in politics, they can work, collect from the companies they have, and even when he is retired he will charge more than all of us.
    Being a politician is a passive niche.

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