Updates on Neha Gupta and NamesCon Online

NamesCon (owned by GoDaddy) quietly removed Neha Gupta from the NamesCon Online “Women in Domaining” session she was originally scheduled to speak at. It happened on Thursday or Friday. I am not sure as I had given up on GoDaddy until someone made a comment that she had been removed from the speakers list of “Women in Domaining”.

This happened AFTER I made this post on Wednesday “I will not be attending NamesCon online“.

NamesCon (meaning GoDaddy) did not remove her from the speakers list were she remained there without a session: 

I don’t know who at GoDaddy decided to never respond publicly to reported GoDaddy problems but that seems to be the new norm lately. They are actually doing GoDaddy a disservice. GoDaddy admitted they had made a mistake by removing Neha Gupta from the speakers list but not speaking about this seems like they have something to hide.

Also they didn’t remove the GoDaddy blog post where she speaks about how she started domaining by selling a domain name that people have reported she was front running: “Yooya.com from dropcatch was front runned by her”.

“I will not be attending NamesCon online” has about 50 comments now. I was not going to bring this up but seeing her as a NamesCon speaker and remembering and her company name and her front-running were inadvertently mentioned in the court case with that Oliver guy. I didn’t really appreciate having to explain to a Greek court what she did and what front running was. Of course the injunction was denied but still remember her company name and seeing it on the list brought up some bad memories.

Neha Gupta made a comment on my post apologizing and said this:

“Hi Konstantinos, When I entered in industry, I did stupidest things. I knew nothing of what it was and what I did. I did send spam emails to people and send email to random people but I was learning and that is how we learn by making mistakes and soon I realised my mistakes and I choose a completely different path for my domain journey, I learnt everything in industry, I joined dnacademy and invested in my education and I invested in hundreds of domain names and sold them. Also, right now I have more than 800 domain names. I have already confessed all my mistakes in namepros and apologised for them and apologize again to you.”

But I have 4 points on what she has said in the comment here, on NamePros and what people said:

  1. She claimed that she has already confessed all her mistakes in namepros and apologized for them. Yet no one can find that post. Many people including myself have asked for a link.
  2. She claimed she received an inbound email for Yooya.com yet her email address was never on whois. (And the domain was never pointed to a lander in case she says that the email was from a contact form.)
  3. She claimed she sold AudioServicing.com within a week of hand-registering it yet the domain has the same whois info since at least day 2 since the registration date and the domain is parked and for sale at DAN by a different seller.
  4. So who is Alice? A “friend”? Who is Jessica (Jessica.namaxis@gmail.com) that she is still using? Another “friend”?

Give me a break. I found all this with MINIMAL searching. Saying more lies to cover up the previous mistakes does not seem very honest to me.

Lastly, I also want to make 2 more points:

  1. Everyone has made mistakes. Possibly everyone in domaining has done mistakes when they were starting out (including myself) or even down the road. Admitting the mistakes is admirable but also not repeating them is very important. I am not sure she has learned anything from her mistakes. And I am pretty sure she has not stopped all her questionable activity.
  2. This is not about Indian domainers as some Indians think. This is about Neha and Namaxis. Is Neha trying to turn this into an “Indian problem” to turn the focus from her? I know there is some Domaining group/forum where she is talking about this issue but not sure where… Anyway, I have written numerous posts about front-running and other scams. Indian or from any other country, if you are front-running then you are scam.

If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Period.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Nicely summed up Konstantin.

    This was never a country specific problem and specific to certain few individuals and should be left at that without bringing in a region based aspect.

    Much success to everyone!

    • I Disagree, Another PRO Member from namepros bragged then realised he was caught front running because it didn’t work out. To me it seems like a massive country specific problem. Better to admit it’s a problem then to pretend it doesn’t exist.

      How many more front runners will from the same region will lie through their teeth when caught

      • Ramit, there are tens of thousands of domain name investors around the globe. And hundreds or more in India, whereas events like namescon, domainx, etc are nurturing plenty more. How can we even think of label them all as frontrunners when most of them are not..

        I do understand and respect your opinion, but I’ll stand by my initial comment that it isn’t country specific and only certain few individuals bud.

  2. Shaming someone publicly is a disgrace, who are you? SUPREME COURT OF DOMAIN INDUSTRY!!

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      When they create legal problems for me and others or screw us then I will do shame them. Who are you?

    • The problem is who does not play fair in the domain market business and in many other global markets, in the end the truth is known and it is very annoying.
      He can write the truth on his blog, if it were a lie, the affected party always does something else to defend itself and even more so in Namescon online Global, do I take advantage of it?
      To make two comments or answers on the blog of the attacker is to get into the wolf’s mouth.
      If it were the Supreme Court of a country, it would have no mercy, he has it, but he does not forget, the difference is much.

  3. Right on Konstantinos Zournas!!!! you the man that stands up unlike some of the bloggers that have no balls.

    Why did they not invite you to speak when you are the most knowledgeable and trusted in the industry unlike others that we don’t even know and they are not ethical?

  4. I commend your ethics and morals but your view is that of a bidder at auctions. How about the guy whose name expires, bet he sees things differently. Neustar already stated they will not let names they see as premium go up for auction and instead putting it back into their inventory for future premium pricing. Remember the outcry over the wls years ago, expect the rules to the auctioning of the best expired domains in .com, .us,.. to change.

    Long term holders benefit, resellers and flippers crying.

  5. Bro, you first investigate Mike Mann, then come to Neha.

    You believe whatever the lies he says in social media, then why to attack someone who apologized and accepted the mistake.

  6. Many domainers are not ethical, some top domainers are not ethical, some domain companies are not ethical, some domain writers are not ethical and so on. Sad

  7. I actually had MOST, but changed it. Figured the WHINERS and WHO ME would start. Lol

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