I will not be attending NamesCon online

I will not be attending NamesCon online until Neha Gupta, Namaxis Pvt. Ltd., is removed from the speakers list or she says she is sorry for the front running she did.

I didn’t know that NamesCon accepts front runners and scammers as speakers. Good to know. Also I learned that “York” and “Delhi” are often used interchangeably.

Neha Gupta… Or should I say “Alice Smith”?

Read this post from 2018 to learn about “Alice Smith” or Neha Gupta.

And here is the whois info from NAMAXIS.NET that she has since dropped:

Domain Name: NAMAXIS.NET
Registry Domain ID: 2202323832_DOMAIN_NET-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.publicdomainregistry.com
Registrar URL: www.publicdomainregistry.com
Updated Date: 2018-02-19T02:39:47Z
Creation Date: 2017-12-20T11:29:35Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-12-20T11:29:35Z
Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com
Registrar IANA ID: 303
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https://icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: Neha Gupta
Registrant Organization: Namaxis
Registrant Street: Zirakpur   
Registrant City: Zirakpur
Registrant State/Province: Punjab
Registrant Postal Code: 140603
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +91.7065268633
Registrant Phone Ext: 
Registrant Fax: 
Registrant Fax Ext: 
Registrant Email: admin@namaxis.com

Read here more: “Updates on Neha Gupta and NamesCon Online”


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Konstantinos Zournas

    Also I would like a refund from NamesCon for the conference fee. Thanks

  2. all these speakers are spammers, who rarely even use godaddy services. This lady has been bragging about sales that she sold before the auction even closed.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Can you give me an example?

    • “All these speakers are spammers” – Please remove that.. that’s too harsh. Any generalized comments automatically reduce the value of your opinion. I am still learning in this industry every day, after reading your comment i just thought of being fair to advise you on this one. Please forgive me if you upset my advise or feel I am suggesting this with no sense.

      Someone front running or spamming with unnecessary messages or emails, you can always blame them. I also support you on that point.

      NamesCon is a global conference is working for the greater good of the industry for a number of years. One speaker could be wrong, you cant attribute the same to the entire conference.

      South Asia track is a new one, its targetting the developing economies. If the domaining industry grow in a big country like India or Pakistan or Middle East ..etc, its going to help the greater good of the overall industry.

      Just my 2 cents.. As said earlier , I am still a student of this industry. Feel free to differ with my opinion

  3. You have the right not to attend and make the claim, it is unpreventable that these people are in NamesCon online and I support you.

  4. I can’t stand the auction front running scum. When I used to bid more actively on auctions I constantly got these emails, since I owned similar domains.

    Some domains I won even gave me issues down the road, as the front runner basically made a commitment to the party to sell a domain at an absurdly low price, then didn’t win the auction when it went past that point.

    This type of “business model” is not acceptable, and should certainly not be highlighted and applauded.


  5. As I said many times, the auctions are scams!! full of scammers insider bidders and paid bidders.

    All those speakers are f fakers and they know shit about domains. I am surprised they did not invite you to speak as you are the most knowledgeable one and you blog all the time and we know who you are. The rest are fakers.

    WTF- how much can one learn already!!

    All those participate in the online namecon are suckers and those who paid for it are damn ass stupid suckers!!

    I have a MBA and PHD from Domain King Academy and I know all about domains!! None of those speakers have that kind of credentials.

    Yea, hope you get your money back.

    Magna cum laude
    Graduate of Domain King Academy

    MBA-My Big Ass(all of you have one)
    PHD-people having dickheads

  6. I rather be watching US Open online than listening to some fake sales pitch from those spammers.

    and if they want Domaining to be popular and for everyone in the world, why not make it FREE.
    Buying one word domain does not mean you are an expert…..all it takes is money!!

  7. The front running is not going to stop, I don’t know anyone who is not smart enough to visit the URL being pitched to them, which usually lead to an auction page.

    It’s only going to get worse with prices even out of reach of many mid level investors makes it hard for these people from India, and such to buy them, so they resort to front running, with no real recourse, and leaves a bag of bad faith if some of these emails land with certain right owners.

    • Hi Konstantinos, When I entered in industry, I did stupidest things. I knew nothing of what it was and what I did. I did send spam emails to people and send email to random people but I was learning and that is how we learn by making mistakes and soon I realised my mistakes and I choose a completely different path for my domain journey, I learnt everything in industry, I joined dnacademy and invested in my education and I invested in hundreds of domain names and sold them. Also, right now I have more than 800 domain names. I have already confessed all my mistakes in namepros and apologised for them and apologize again to you.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        When was this imaginary post at Namepros cause it seems you were front running Commoditize.com in April 2020.
        Commoditize.com sold at namejet for $356 7 days after you emailed a bunch of people about it.

      • You’re a fraud. Get out of domaining before you get into bigger trouble than you can handle.

      • Neha, based on few comments, it seems you are still frontrunning i.e. few months back, if that is true, Please stop it and come clean. It is never be the late to rectify our mistakes.

        In youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P29X3v6J1Vw), Urban skill team has proudly announced you as the first successful female domainer of india. Urban skill is doing great job in training number of youths in india on domaining in a legal way and free. I think you should rectify your mistakes atleast for now and that will be helpful to you and also urban skill who has given a stage to talk infront of veterans trusting you 🙂

  8. Why would NamesCon remove a speaker because of your own personal beef?

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Personal beef? I was not involved in any of the auctions that I know were rigged. A confirmed front runner that has done it multiple times is not a personal beef. This hurts the entire industry. Do you know what else hurts the domaining industry? People like you. Don’t talk to me again.

  9. I can never support front running and didn’t knew what Neha Gupta is until I read your post today. I removed her from my LinkedIn connection as I cannot have such people around myself.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • I think these people are showing their personal grudge. What I feel if an indian become successful, people around the world starts feeling jealous and try to search for negative things to bring the person down. Every person might have made a mistake in the beginning of their career.

      This is completely wrong. Please accept the fact and stop bugging about her and focus in your own work.

      • There is no jealousy or hate from any Indian but from the front runners no matter whoever that person is and from any nationality.

      • If your child makes a mistake in childhood will you throw away the child or teach him what wrong he has done and how to rectify it.

        But here people are taking help of old mistake which she had done earlier when she started her career and amking things difficult for her now.

        This is really mean and you people call it a community.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Has she really stopped doing it? I am not sure.

  10. The whole industry is corrupt! Cheaters and scammers corrupted by $! Frank scammed nTLD investors by breaking his contract! Raised prices when he promised not to for 5 years in his application contract! ICA was SILENT! OH better yet, FRANK PAID HIS WAY INTO the ICA right around that exact time! What a coincidence?

    They only care about THEIR *PERSONAL* interests. They don’t care about *DOMAINS*!

    They all accepted HUSH money as far as im concnered! ICA and all. This is no INDUSTRY! This is every man for himself. I’m serious too. Industry – LMAO NOT. ALL SCAMMERS, FRAUD, LIARS etc. Totally corrupt!

    WHY we entertain such people??? CUZ they pay $! Guaranteed! 100% FAKE + corrupted! But they’re **IN** because GREASING palms!

    • Frank didn’t scam anyone. Investing your money in something that you’ve had no sales in is on you I’m afraid. Take some personal responsibility.

      • Hmmm saying .com is the am dial, while selling gtlds as the fm trend, albeit buying up all the good .coms on namejet daily doesn’t sound very kosher to me mr López

      • Sure snoopy blame the registrants, smh.
        How would you like it if you were told .com renewals just went up a hundred fold out of nowhere.

    • Snoopy here is a LIAR. I never told him I have no sales. I told him I won’t tell him! There are only 2 people in the world that I will tell my domain business to! He is NOT one. So he says it’s not happening but I dispute that, over and over.

      This guy is a chronic liar.

      Frank DID scam. His CONTRACT said *no increase in 5 years*. There was 100-3000% increase in 3 years. THAT IS a scam/lie/fraud. TYPICAL industry – smearing me for pointing it out!

  11. I appreciate your honesty. It is refreshing.

  12. The domain Industry is far from being a clean business. It gets worse every year, unfortunately. It’s full of scammers, front runners, shill bidders, dishonest brokers and so on.
    It starts at the top and goes all the way down to the bottom.
    Some big names are the worst offenders, including some that speak at NamesCon.
    I could name names, but i don’t have all day.

    • >>>>> Some big names are the worst offenders, including some that speak at NamesCon <<<<

      People want to know who those a$$holes are!!!!

  13. A few Months Back, I saw a message on Facebook where She Quoted

    “I had sold around 1000 domains to date and earned more than $1 million in revenue. Some of my big sales are Yooya.com $13500, MarketResearch.net $4500, Petmax.com $8500”

    She was selling some course – https://inehagupta.teachable.com/

    She should rename it to Learn How to do frontrunning.. disgrace to India and its domaining community.

    I think The World’s Number-One Domaining Conference namescon.com is a big flop this year.

    • Everything is coming up because now Indians are becoming famous in Domaining industry.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        No Vikrah. You are not correct.

      • I think your point was she should be removed from the speaker or to say sorry. You wanted wither of them, but congrats! now both the points are covered now. She is no more a speaker and also she said sorry as she has mentioned in her post here if you read the last 4 words of her post.

        I think this is more than enough for a person and now if you take this further then I will surely understand this is a personal grudge.


    • Hi, When I entered in industry, I did stupidest things. I knew nothing of what it was and what I did. I did send spam emails to people and send emais for random domain names but I was learning and that is how we learn by making mistakes and soon I realised my mistakes and I choose a completely different path for my domain journey, I learnt everything in industry, I joined dnacademy and invested in my education and I invested in hundreds of domain names and sold them through genuine means. Also, right now I have more than 800 domain names. I have already confessed all my mistakes in namepros and apologised for them and apologize again to all of you.

    • I am a student to her course and that is really very good.

      Along with domain investment she helped me to become more professional.

      She is the best mentor I have ever had in my life as she gives personal attention to everyone and always teaches the correct thing as I have attended various webinars on domain investment but I found this very good.

      Abdul if you have any doubts kindly purchase the couse and then you get to know.

      Do not make false assumption about anyone.

    • I am also a student Haroon and the course is really very good and 100% ethical. I think you should go through the content and please change your cheap mentality of pointing fingers towards anyone.

  14. @Konstantinos, there is no confession at NP. Although, I find some interesting threads..

    1. Buy thread – where OP claimed she copied word to word and np moderator shut the thread, copying is not the issue.. the the thing is she was looking to buy LLL.com under $1000.. what a joke ?

    2. Similarly she publicly offered very high for CVCV.com
    $150 each

    This happened after what she claims that she confessed to you and publicly at namepros.. which is bullshit..

    I feel bad that due to person like her , domain vetarans from India like Deepak Daftari , Ashwin Vikhona , Manish efforts to represent India on World Level are under jeopardy. Every person makes mistakes but they should learn from it but the above thread shows that they just after money , dont worry on how it comes. I am surprised that she have spoken on various webinars/seminars.. if a mentor is like her.. what will be her students will be doing..

    I have many Indian Domainers friends and I feel sorry for them.

    • Yes, I remember that thread. It was my WTB text that she copied verbatim and attached a lowball budget to it. You can see my posts in that thread about it.

      “Thread closed.

      OP copied another members post word for word.
      OP may start a new thread using their own text.

      Thank you. ”

      I have run into issues with this front runner in the past personally.

      It seems like there has been quite a bit of sleazy and unethical behavior that has gone on, and I have a problem with GoDaddy endorsing it.


  15. As you all have mentioned, there should be no place for frontrunning or frontrunners around us or in the industry, but she’s already accepted her mistakes as a newbie and I believe we shouldn’t go on a witch-hunt and label every speaker as a scammer/spammer out there.

    Please allow her to rectify her mistakes and work towards bettering her actions 🙏

    Founder – DOMAINX India

    P.S. I’m in no way connected to Neha Gupta!

    • Regarding your comment “Please allow her to rectify her mistakes and work towards bettering her actions 🙏” , do you mean she is still continuing the same and asking her to rectify from now onwards. She already admitted that she was doing frontrunning as a newbie not now..

      • Response to your first comment: I have no idea what she was/is doing earlier/now but my comment clearly states that Konstantin should allow her to fix “past” mistakes and help each other grow.

        If you cannot understand simple english, please continue somewhere else?

      • Dear veteran domainer,

        Having so much of experience in this industry and you yourself calling as a representative of indian domain industry, didn’t you know how to run auctions, seen this thread at NP, seems horrible auction and lots of comments there about the way auction was held – https://www.namepros.com/threads/domainx-2019-live-auction-very-bad-experience-unhonest-auction.1148744/#post-7348066

        Everyone do mistakes!

        Neha might have done 100% wrong as a front runner and it is not allowed in any industry but i am also concerned about your below comment in some domaining group particularly this line – “An Indian girl who started learning her domaining journey from DOMAINX but left early to join another group 🤦‍♂️” , Here it seems that you are using this thread to highlight your domainx forumn and giving a meaning that people who leave group becomes frontrunners?

        Manmeet your complete comment as below:


        This is an interesting one from Konstantinos Zournos, and guess whose at the receiving end? An Indian girl who started learning her domaining journey from DOMAINX but left early to join another group 🤦‍♂️”

        When you are talking about business ethics of others publicly don’t you know how to be a role model for others in the public group where your every word matters? You yourself think as a veteran indian domainer then why you failed as domain auctioneer even having so much experience and known for business ethics – (https://www.namepros.com/threads/domainx-2019-live-auction-very-bad-experience-unhonest-auction.1148744/#post-7348066)?

      • I will call you NEHA GUPTA and no one else, because its you who is hiding behind these pseudo names 🙂

        I failed at DOMAINX Auctions and publicly stated the same, because I have the balls to admit and accept my mistakes plus fix them while not committing those same mistakes again.

        Now, lets come back to the topic at hand NEHA; DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO ADMIT THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STOP FRONT-RUNNING? As it seems evident from recent updates that you are still continuing with your unethical business practises? 🙁 It’s people like you who give bad name to Indians in the business!!

      • Hello,

        All people who come with pseudo names can’t be neha gupta. I myself clarify that i never meet her but i have seen her few domaining videos in youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P29X3v6J1Vw) and also at linkedin where i have seen her some post where she has introduced some course related to domaining.

        I am not supporting Neha and her front running business, what she has done is unacceptable, but my concern is why you want it to highlight her mistake at NP and public groups highlighting indian girl who left your forum and joined other. Till now did you see only this issue from domaining industry and never happened mistakes by others before?

        Coming to your reply “DOMAINX Auctions and publicly stated the same, because I have the balls to admit and accept my mistakes plus fix them while not committing those same mistakes again.” ,

        this was happened recently right may be in last 2 years, may i know after having so many years of experience in this industry before why you have such a bad experience at domainx auctions? My request to you is people do mistakes like you did, i did but you have to give a chance to learn from that , you cannot blame someone in public group because she left your domaining group and joined other.

        I hope you will open similar threads in NP for every bad spat happened/happening in the industry from now onwards but not only related to the people who leave your forum or which excites you.

    • Seems you have opened a thread at NP on this yesterday – https://www.namepros.com/threads/onlinedomain-com-says-wont-attend-namescon-online.1208202/

      where as this current article is related to Sept 9 written by Zournas during/before namescon, may i know Manmeet what is your goal here?

      Do You want more people to see this post about your fellow indian domainer and make a news out of it? When she already confessed that she made few mistakes earlier like most other domainers do but still you have opened a new thread at NP after namescon was over and do you have an idea how it may impact that lady’s career?

      Also one of my friend shared the below comment from you in some domaining group which gives meaning that you already know her earlier when she joined domainx group but left there and joined some other group and when i read your below comment, To me it gives a meaning that you are indirectly telling your group members that people who leave domainx will have such karma?


      This is an interesting one from Konstantinos Zournos, and guess whose at the receiving end? An Indian girl who started learning her domaining journey from DOMAINX but left early to join another group 🤦‍♂️”

      • First up, please comment with your REAL NAME? Thanks.

        Second, this should clarify my GOAL and TAKE on the whole issue from the Namepros thread:
        What do you all think? She should be called out for such actions or let it slide? Should the industry event such as NamesCon be targeted all along for one such individual’s mistake(s)? My take is no, and let’s grow together with ethical business practices.

        Please stop finding faults/negativity in every comment/post!

  16. They usually bid with scam to new inexperienced Sellers, at the end of the bid they have come to pay $ 2 in Flippa (This happened to my same year 2014 to recover dominio (com) because it can present legal evidence of the scam and who the scammer was) It was not the first time I knew later.

    Godaddy buy at auction 4 domains (com) for $ 2000 I happy my best investment as I make all the Domainers more experience than myself, I put in parking domains and two years later Godaddy charge me for $ 4.99 a year for premium auctions, I happy to return in the end only $ 500 of the 4 domains were all fake bids.

    “No More Excuses” title of the last concert of the Pink Floyd members.

  17. Maybe the biggest irony is that domainers are meeting up at NamesCon, which is made up of two words: names con. Sums up the domain industry pretty well.

  18. First you expose Mike Mann, your favorite domainer, then come to small fish like Neha.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Expose him for what, you low life no name?

    • I am enjoying high life man. On what basis you make a claim in your blogs mike mann sold xxxxxxx$ this month? Did he show you his bank statement? Many domains he claimed as sold still residing with him man, get your facts right. You going behind a small rat like Neha hahaha?

  19. We’ve had emails from these.

    Joshua Freeman

    Are they all Neha Gupta ?

    On 22/04/2020 19:03, Joshua Freeman wrote:
    > Hello Steph,
    > Thanks for the reply. It is great to connect. We are the domain owner.
    > The domain “commoditize.com” has a high brand and market value. This is a very old domain name with high searches and web traffic.
    > The asking price for the domain name is $2499.00. Please let us know what you think?
    > You can also check the value of this domain by clicking on the link below:-
    > https://www.godaddy.com/domain-value-appraisal/appraisal/?checkAvail=1&tmskey=&domainToCheck=commoditize.com

    Thanks & Regards,
    Joshua Freeman
    Domains Specialist, Client Outreach, USA
    Namaxis and Subs. (A company headquartered in India with branches in India and USA)
    Contact: US (+1) 917-924-8040
    IN (+91) 838-395-1871
    1676, Monroe Ave, Bronx | New York | USA 10457

    and some from kate.namaxis@gmail.com

  20. Neha has a nice matching green outfit in front of the green GoDaddy logo:


    GoDaddy staff still have 1st connections with Neha (If I understand LinkedIn correctly)
    Aman Bhutani
    Auguste Goldman

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