Neustar to operate .us extension until 2029

Today, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced it awarded to Neustar a contract to continue operating the .us registry for 10 more years.

The announcement says that Neustar will continue to operate the .us registry at no cost to the federal government. The cost is actually the big yearly profit Neustar earns for operating the regsitry.

The new contract was awarded on June 28, 2019, with a period of performance beginning on August 29, 2019. The .us registry is the official country code domain of the United States and has over two million domain names under management.

From what I can see the wholesale price that Neustar will continue to charge for now is $6.50 per domain year.

The announcement claims that “The usTLD has historically served as a home for American business, individuals, and localities and is managed on behalf of the U.S. government through a contract overseen by NTIA.” which is not really true. Very few US companis use .us domains compared to .com and other extensions.


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  1. Too many dot whatever and nobody can keep track all of them except dot com
    New gtlds are worthless.

  2. Oh – what a surprise.

    Well I for one think ten more years of establishment status quo on this is cause for celebration. This interesting blog post reminds me of these great public service items that probably not many American know about or have seen:

    “The Propaganda Multiplier: How Western Media Report On Geopolitics”:

    Video – “The Propaganda Multiplier: The Truth About Mainstream Media “Sources”:

    They include mention or access to a really great “Multiplier” infographic I highly recommend.

    > “The announcement claims that “The usTLD has historically served as a home for American business, individuals, and localities and is managed on behalf of the U.S. government through a contract overseen by NTIA.” which is not really true. Very few US companis use .us domains compared to .com and other extensions.”


  3. (Konstantinos, please see comment that went into moderation probably because of links.)

  4. There isn’t much hope for .US ihmo with Neustar running it for another 10 years.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Yes. They really couldn’t be worse.

      • You guys talk as if the goal by the US government or Neustar has ever been anything else. Sad… And you and I first spoke about it in blog comments probably two or three years ago already, K. Even then you didn’t want to believe it depended on anything but Neustar itself. Seems inconsistent with how much you normally see about the world otherwise, though, oddly enough.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        I don’t understand what you are saying here.

      • I thought you might say something like that, Konstantinos. You are a curiously “mixed bag” to me. On the one hand, you sometimes seem to be less naive than some of the other bloggers, while on the other hand, sometimes you seem to be a bit naive.

        I tried to tell you when we first discussed it under a blog probably a good few or several years ago already, not sure if it was here or another blog. But in your mind you had a fixed idea.

        Konstantinos, you are assuming “common sense.” You are assuming that the company given the contract to run the extension actually wanted it to do substantially better than it has. You may also be assuming that the US government itself has ever wanted it to do better than it has. You cannot assume such things, however, and the reality of the matter indicates the opposite, at least still. It also indicates those in relevant positions of power have wanted that, at least still, and these things also transcend party no matter who is in power.

        If the US government had ever wanted .us to be popular and widely adopted, and the American public to even be aware it even exists and is available for general use, it would have been that way from day 1 at almost zero cost, barely even lifting a finger in terms of required effort to bring it about. And Neustar gets its marching orders from the US government, in whatever form that takes.

        In fact, the entire matter is all the more ironic and incredulous because .us was released for general use at the crest of perhaps the largest and most intense resurgence of American patriotism in US history, certainly in almost every living person’s lifetime.

        It is all tied in to what is touched upon in my first comment above.

        I have worked in US federal law enforcement, in IT, and in city government in one of America’s largest and most famous cities. I have a “PhD” in official evil and corruption. I also see the “Matrix” for what it is, me and a lot of other people.

        The reasons why the US government has not wanted .us to do better than it has are extremely blatant and obvious to people like us. .US is a potentially huge threat to far more than “.com” in the minds of those who would keep it down and maintain the status quo, and that’s an understatement.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        John I don’t expect much from the US government as they they don’t have skin in the game.
        But Neustar does make money from .us. It is still remarkable to me that they don’t care about it. But of course I know that they are a terrible company.

        BTW yes I am assuming some common sense from Neustar yet I realize that most people in Neustar don’t really want to do any work as it may not reflect on their paycheck. So why bother?

      • By the way, I just linked to you again over here:

        So you see, I really do link plenty to you also from the other blogs, so hopefully you will keep that in mind the next time I do it here. 🙂

      • Konstantinos I don’t know why I am not getting through to you still. The US government has more skin in the game than anyone, just not the kind you are focused upon. The revenue from .us itself means nothing. .US is a threat to the established order, to all of the vast sums of money, decades, manpower and time the US government and the puppet masters behind it have invested in controlling society, the media, and people, and imposing their will and agenda both at home and throughout the world. You might not know it yet apparently, but they certainly do and have since the beginning.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Yeah. You have officially entered conspiracy theory territory.
        The US government barely knows there is a .us somewhere…

      • Well at least the ambiguity about you is cleared up now. This is why I said “sometimes you seem to be a bit naive,” and you do look pretty juvenile in your photo I must admit. The PTB do a good job of keeping most people too stupid to realize what is going on, though more and more have been waking up while the Internet is still relatively free, and independent media and journalism still fairly freely available despite all the censorship happening against both the genuine nonmainstream left as well as certain kinds of “conservatives.” Naive is one thing, but your last remark about the US government is downright dumb. But the American public still barely knows there is a .us somewhere, that’s for sure.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        Relax John.

      • You must like blackjack with doubling down like that, Konstantinos. I used to generally come out ahead in casinos for blackjack the few times I played, but I wasn’t much into doubling down and haven’t done it in many years. That was pretty relaxed for me, though, but it’s written mainly for the readers instead of you. I recommend not getting too relaxed about the subject matter, however, even if one is not even an American. Many people are dead and dying because of it.

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