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ICANN renewed the .ORG Registry Agreement with no price caps

ICANN renewed the .ORG Registry Agreement with no price caps while the .org registry operator with the funnier name (PIR) Public Interest Registry issued the statement below.

Name is funny because the only thing that the registry is interested in is their own pockets and not the “Public Interest”.

PIR has no specific plans for any price changes for .ORG but now that they can raise prices they are going to start planning some nice surprises!

Nice surprises for all the thousands of .org registrants and organizations that filed a comment on the Public Comment period opposing the “no price caps .org contract” and ICANN pissed on them and made the opposite.

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Read the statement from PIR here:

“ICANN has renewed the .ORG Registry Agreement to be consistent with the standard registry agreements already in place for more than 1,200 other top-level domain extensions in the marketplace. This is an encouraging milestone as it demonstrates a maturing domain industry. Consistent with the provisions, restrictions and rights in all gTLD agreements, as well as competition law and consumer protection principles, this standardization further supports a domain marketplace that is both fair and competitive for all.

Regarding the removal of price caps, we would like to underscore that Public Interest Registry is a mission driven non-profit registry and currently has no specific plans for any price changes for .ORG. Should there be a need for a sensible price increase at some point in the future, we will provide advanced notice to the public. The .ORG community is considered in every decision we make, and we are incredibly proud of the more than 15 years we have spent as a responsible steward of .ORG. PIR remains committed to acting in the best interest of the .ORG community for years to come.”


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  1. The ICA tried valiantly to defined registrant’s rights and should be commended for their efforts. If they had more funding from everyday domainers, they could be more effective. Readers should consider joining or donating so we can have more of a voice on crucial matters like this. Internetcommerce.org

  2. They have to be straight up delusional and living in an alternate reality and universe to think this “decision” contains even the remotest trace of not being utterly evil. (People should see the comments at DomainNameWire too.)

    And no, I’m not just saying that because it coincides with my own interests. I would also point out as I have before that I am primarily an end user, not primarily a domainer or domain investor. I’m primarily an end user whose business activity includes using hundreds of domains. Seeking to sell is something I barely even pay attention to at all, though I do have a number listed and would certainly love to make a few good sales.

    To restate the obvious long known truth, legacy TLDs are categorically different and are a PUBLIC TRUST, which I am not alone in saying before. People have invested years of their lives and countless resources in reliance upon that common sense reality. When “they” deny this, which is what they have done by their actions, among other things, they are lying through and through, just as the argument about why this was even done lacked all credibility to begin with as well.

    Just as the public is usually lied into various wars to benefit the few, that is what is now going on with the Internet and domain name system. It is one of the biggest steps we have ever witnessed now toward the beginning of the end.

    Or maybe they do know how utterly evil it is and just don’t care. That happens too. Like the latest push to start more never ending wars.

  3. Andrea Paladini

    IMHO the rights to manage .com, .net and .org should be granted through a PUBLIC AUCTION, open to companies worldwide, not only US ones.
    What greedy and corrupt ICANN is doing instead is keeping renewing the rights to Verisign and PIR, which are oligopolies …
    ICANN, which formally is a “no profit” organization, should be reformed too, leading to a real multi-stakeholder governance, now still “influenced” by some US corp lobbies …
    That’s where neoliberalism lead to … huge conglomerates, with little or no regulation at all, for the exclusive (parasitic) interests of some industrial & financial élites …

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