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.CLUB launches name blocking brand protection service

.CLUB Domains, LLC has launched the Trademark Sentry Unlimited Name Blocking Service, designed to offer qualified brands and trademark holders protection in the .CLUB namespace.

The Unlimited Name Blocking Service (UNBS) protects a trademark from appearing in any portion of a domain with the popular .CLUB extension – literally covering trillions of permutations of a qualified trademark. Blocked at the registry level, protected names show up as “unavailable” through any registrar’s domain search. For example: Qualified mark – “Neustar”


You can search at any registrar for any .CLUB name containing “neustar” within the text to the left of the dot (the SLD) to see Unlimited Name Blocking in action.

As a leading “top 5” new domain extension (1.5m+ registrations, 277k+ active websites) .CLUB says it receives more UDRP and URS proceedings than less popular extensions.

“For less than the cost of a single UDRP proceeding Unlimited Name Blocking at the registry level provides the broadest possible scope, literally protecting many trillions of brand permutations. Unlike other Domain Protection programs which typically block only exact match domains and common misspellings of a trademark, the .CLUB Unlimited Name Blocking Service comprehensively blocks virtually all permutations of a qualified trademark within the .CLUB namespace.”

“With the popularity of .CLUB domain names, we recognize that many brands must play whack-a-mole to try and shut down unwanted uses of their trademarks,” stated CEO Colin Campbell.

“With our Trademark Sentry Unlimited Name Blocking service brands can have protection with certainty. Add a trademark once and have complete protection in the .CLUB namespace against cybersquatting, brandjacking, phishing, spam, and other potential abuse.”

The retail cost of the Unlimited Trademark Blocking Service is $2,000 per qualified trademark, for 3-years of blocking. .CLUB is offering an early access $500 discount through September 30th, 2019. Brands and trademark holders can submit a trademark for the program through participating registrars and at To qualify for Unlimited Name Blocking a trademark must be fanciful as defined by the USPTO and meet the .CLUB Registry’s additional requirements and subject to the .CLUB Registry’s discretion.

The .CLUB Trademark Sentry Unlimited Name Blocking Service covers a qualified mark for a period of three years, commencing upon approval of the mark and ending on January 31, 2023 and is renewable for subsequent 3-year terms thereafter. The remainder of calendar year 2019 through January 31, 2020 is included at no additional fee.

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  1. $2,000 to block trademark domains for (3) years in one single extension. Give me a break.

    This is just another way to try and extract extra revenue from TM holders by selling a worthless service under the guise of providing a useful service.


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