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Constantine Roussos and DotMusic win the rights to .Music domains!!!

DotMusic Limited managed to win the exclusive rights to the .music extension and domain names outbidding 2 giants: Google and Amazon.

There were originally 8 competitive applications in contention.

The contention was resolved a few days back in a private auction between the 8 parties. No details of the auction came out because of the NDA signed.

DotMusic Limited was originally a Community Priority Application but it failed to get approval from ICANN. The applicant Far Further was also a Community Priority Application that failed.

The other 4 .music applicants were Radix, Donuts, MMX and Famous Four.

The dot Music initiative (DotMusic Limited) was started by Constantine Roussos bank in 2005. He launched the dotMusic (music.us) website dedicated to gathering support via a petition to ICANN to approve the .music TLD for the global music industry. His initiative was supported by members of the music industry including bands, musicians, companies, professionals and many others. Based on the dotMusic website, Roussos’ initiative gathered more than 1.5 million signatures for the petition.


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  1. There it goes again. In spite of all the failures of past non dot com TLDs, people are still hopeful. Honestly, we would love to see at least one contender coming up against the tradition but sadly, nothing much appear across the horizon. Dot music? What are they thinking man?

  2. You are friends with him, right? Would you please remind him I have dibs on these two:


    Tell him reg fee only too. Thanks.

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