Bipartisan.com sold for $7,000 – What do you think?

Reportedly, the domain name Bipartisan.com sold for $7,000 last week at Sedo.

I say reportedly as I don’t know if the domain has been paid for. Bipartisan.com was on a regular public auction on Sedo with a single $7,000 bid. Maybe it was pushed to auction by the seller after it got that single bid. The domain has not been updated since July 2018. We will have to wait a few days to see if it was really sold.

But the main reason I write this post is to discuss this sale, the price and if similar domains can get sold or not at higher prices.

First of all, I think that a $7,000 price would be high a high price for a domain investor but since this was a Sedo auction (maybe pushed to auction) it is probably an end-user sale.

$7,000 for an end-user is probably a low price but I have no idea who would buy this domain in the first place. How can this be used and would its usage justify a higher price?

Maybe a factor that this bid was pushed to auction (so it would surely sell) was that the seller seems to own this domain since at least 2004 according to whois history from DomainTools.com. (Although the seller seems to have moved over the years from the Cayman islands to China and then to India!)

The same owner has Bipartisan.net and Bipartisan.org for quite a few years as well.

Andrew Alleman said “This is a huge political name that could be used by a political action committee or non-profit.” but is it really a huge name?

I mean it is a fairly common used word in the political scene in the US but that doesn’t say much.

Who would buy this domain? A political party probably would not. Would a political action committee or non-profit pay $50k? Probably not but $7k is not out of the question.

And what website can be built on this domain? A website about a certain bill or I don’t know… I have been following US politics for quite a few years now but maybe I am missing something here.

I did a brief search and I only found one developed website with the term Bipartisan in it. The Bipartisan Policy Center is using bipartisanpolicy.org.

When I saw the sale of Hatred.com last year for $150,000 it actually made sense to me. But domains like Bipartisan.com seem very hard to sell.

People had a debate about my purchase of WithoutBorders.com but I think that domain is different as there are countless developed websites using that term both commercial and non-commercial.

What do you think?


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Konstantinos,

    I love that name. I havent followed too many auctions at Sedo much lately to tell you the truth.

    I think at 7k it was an awesome buy. I would buy it right now for 8k without blinking an eye and know i still got a bargain.

    It is a very timely keyword right now in the US since there really is so much divisiveness between both parties. Almost a “hatred” between both parties that is tearing us apart. Nobody can see the bits of good from the opposing party at all. Too bad we are still only a 2 party system.

    Back to Bipartisan.com. There could be a LOT of good done with that name.

    I think it was one of the best buys i have seen reported in the past few months imho.

    • Yes, the Congress functions on the basis of parties with federal representation and those two major parties are Republican Party and Democratic Party. However, some minority parties have state representation. Minor political parties can push their agenda by lobbying with major parties.

      I recall a recent story, where a web developer team from the Republic of Macedonia made a good profit in the time of US elections. Many websites provided content with Hillary Clinton in the spotlight, with very little content representing Trump. So these guys made web content which portrayed Trump in a positive way and gained a lot of traffic and profit in that short time.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      The problem is that no party will push for something “bipartisan” in the far out future. Political parties want you to vote for them, and for them only.

      Maybe you will get lucky and the domain will not get paid!

  2. I always ask myself “could I make money developing this domain”? And the answer here is no. “bipartisan” is not a good or service sold online, and I failed in the content game many years ago.

    Second question is “could this be an impactful brand name as a .com”? Once again for me, no. Maybe for someone else yes.

    $7K seems to be FMV

  3. You r right sir ,

    No more website available for this keyword but when I search bipartisan.it .its a coming soon website in Italy.

  4. It’s a great domain and $7k is a bargain. It has special value even if limited use.

    I have discovered that I accidentally registered a short two word domain that is actually a dictionary word. How often does that happen? LOL

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