Video describing domain name investing by Tough Domains

Tough Domains is a set of tools for creating a domain name marketplace, domain for sale landing pages and for instant website development among other things.

Tough Domains created a video to describe their tools in a video that also describes pretty accurately domain name investing:

Rudy DeDominici, one of the Tough Domains founders, also posted a few examples of domain name landing pages (first and last are my favorite) that were missing from the article I wrote 2 weeks ago:


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  1. It’s a good video but why not just get a voice actor for the audio? You can get them for like $75 and at least it will have a real human voice instead of a synthesizer that pronounces words wrong. The video itself is cool, but the voice takes away from its message.

  2. Okay, so they are including an “appraisal” service for anyone considering your domain, so their “appraisal” can be just as ludicrously off base and completely harmful as every other so-called “appraisal” out there unless you’re holding the most blue-chip no-brainer stuff that even a cat could “appraise” in the right ballpark, is that it? What am I missing?

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