Hexonet unveils new control panel

HEXONET unveiled its next generation web Control Panel Platform.

The initial release of the Control Panel showcases the underlying architecture with subsequent releases adding advanced intelligence and features tailor-made for direct clients, resellers, and registrar partners. These future updates and added features to the Control Panel will be rolled out on a continuous basis throughout 2017 and 2018.

The main problem with Hexonet over the past few years is the limited, slow and not so helpful support offered. Hexonet’s support during weekdays is limited to (8) working hours every day and you usually get a response the day after you open a support ticket. Hexonet offers no support over the weekend whatsoever. Also support is usually quite dismissive. I have found their systems to be generally stable but with a few bugs here and there.

Hexonet claims that the new control panel is “featuring industry leading new technologies and a pioneering user interface with a smart user-focused design that will make searching, managing, using and even selling domain names faster and easier. The Control Panel introduces a specially designed platform architecture that marries optimized real-time APIs with a modern and dynamic client web interface – in short, it’s fast, intelligent, and adaptable.

The Control Panel is the culmination of two years of research, design and coordinated engineering. Together with the core platform, a number of additional technologies and services will be launched at the same time, including a new domain search and suggestion engine, infinite scrolling data tabling, service dashboards, and the aforementioned aftermarket services with Afternic® and SEDO®. HEXONET is already working on integrating even more web and online services for the platform as well as adding specific customizations for clients, resellers, and registrars.”

“HEXONET is known in the domain name industry as a technical leader,” said Jens Wagner, Chief Executive Officer. “Once again HEXONET is positioned to show our expertise and engineering capabilities with an exciting new platform that has the potential to change our industry. It will serve as our web gateway for the delivery and customization of all our services going forward.”

“The new Control Panel is being released with our newly integrated aftermarket services developed directly in conjunction with industry leaders, Afternic® and SEDO®. Buying and selling domain names can now be done with just a few clicks,” said Robert Birkner, HEXONET’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Because of the powerful and intelligent underbelly of the platform, aftermarket services in the near future will also feature smart metrics, service automation, and even personalization.”


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  1. Old panel one was technically like from nighties the new one is full of bugs.
    Security there is very low. I recommend all newbie hackers to try first there.
    I really cannot stand them.

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