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.Club auction started at eName with 62 domains including

The eName platform launched its first and the largest .CLUB auction yet. The auction started today and ends in 1 week.

A total of 62 names are in the auction, comprised of 32 names from the registry and 30 names from other sellers. These 30 domains were selected by eName.

The eName auction has scattered ending dates, and the full schedule of names and end-dates is below the video. For interested buyers outside of China, .club is offering a proxy bidding service.

All names except are offered with no reserve. As always with .CLUB premium names, all names in the auction have standard renewal fees.

1 Single number name:

19 NN names:

12 Pinyin names:

30 LLL names (from other sellers):

Visit for the auction.

eName Auction inventory and end dates: ALL TIMES BEIJING, CHINA TIME

Ending on June 10th –

45.CLUB 9:18 PM 9:21 PM 9:25 PM 9:32 PM 9:36 PM 9:53 PM
62.CLUB   9:55 PM  9:50 PM 9:20 PM

Ending on June 11th – 9:06 PM 9:23 PM 9:27 PM 9:34 PM 9:35 PM 9:37 PM 9:41 PM 9:58 PM
94.CLUB  9:15 PM
67.CLUB 9:00 PM
87.CLUB 9:22 PM

Ending on June 12th – 9:00 PM 9:22 PM 9:41 PM 9:51 PM 9:58 PM  9:32 PM 9:56 PM 9:21 PM  9:28 PM 9:34 PM

Ending on June 13th – 9:01 PM 9:04 PM 9:17 PM 9:37 PM 9:44 PM 9:53 PM 9:56 PM
25.CLUB  9:08 PM
47.CLUB  9:31PM
71.CLUB 9:16 PM
78.CLUB 9:23 PM

Ending on June 14th – 9:07 PM 9:13 PM 9:25 PM 9:51 PM 9:53 PM
19.CLUB 9:33 PM
56.CLUB  9:56 PM
83.CLUB 9:23 PM
17.CLUB 9:03 PM
73.CLUB  9:31 PM
52.CLUB 9:49 PM

Ending on June 15th – 9:50 PM
91.CLUB  9:20 PM
13.CLUB 9:15 PM
86.CLUB  9:05 PM  9:54 PM
8.CLUB 9:33 PM
55.CLUB 9:28 PM  9:36 PM 9:15 PM   9:16 PM

About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.

One comment

  1. Although my initial approach to .club is “another useless gtld…”, this one deserves my analysis:

    It is a 4 letter gtld, which in the past was degrading the quality of the extension, the longer the extension the worst the acceptance. In a comparison with .mobi, that is exactly what it mainly killed the domain ext. I have some premium .mobi domains and they are not even close in value to premiums on .club these days, or ask Rick about his I also have premium .co domains, which suppose to be “better” in shortness nature, but nowadays that idea is sinking too, or ask Overstock about his Three-letter .co domains sell for $60 to $100 on Sedo and Namejet, that is a poor performance for any self claimed major league player.

    .Club is a full dictionary word, very very specific to what is intended for and with a strong online need for the internauts, unlike .xyz (i.e.), that by the way I still don’t know what to use it for.

    The people behind the gtld are important. I’m not sure if Donuts would have done better job if had won the auction, but for now, we have to give it a chance to Club Domains.

    The acceptance of the domain extension by end users. We all know that investors drive the values up, auction prices sky rocket when they believe in the product. But on the long run, it is up to the end users who start landing their webpages on the gtld, most of the top 500 companies (even 1000 or 1 million) have already deep roots on .com, and next to them the .net and .org. But gtlds? I’m still asking those who claim to be the .com destroyers, where are your end users? there have many tools, many incentives, and even Google with their ‘Alphabet parent Company’, but who is following them? Tell me, I want to know.

    I could continue with the analysis, but I only have 2 cents tonight, so that is what I’m spending. Just “an informed” visitor.

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