Potential buyer tweets about domain name squatting

I got an inquiry on a 1-word .com. It is kinda of scifi, science, brandable and dictionary all mixed together word.

Before I had a chance to reply to the inquiry, and I know that because I researched the guy, he went on Twitter and wrote this:
“#DomainName squatting should be illegal. How many great companies has the economy missed because they couldn’t get a decent starter .com?”

So he didn’t even want to wait to hear what my price would be. Maybe he was pissed that someone else had registered the domain name 16 years before he even thought about it.

I disregarded the tweet and send him my quote even though I knew what the outcome would be.

He replied: “No thanks. Good luck.”

Then I send him a tweet saying:

“So you are against ownership and the free market? Also ban money, art, property squatting? Owning a domain is not squatting.”

I guess he is against free speech as well, as he is against ownership. He blocked me on Twitter:
“You are blocked from following @***** and viewing @******’s Tweets. Learn more”

My (old) tweet is out there if you really want to find out who this guy is.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. How many great companies has the economy missed because they couldn’t afford to pay rent because their greedy real estate squatting landlord wanted to charge them an arm and a leg for commercial space?

    How many great families have been forced out of their homes or locked out of basic home ownership because their greedy real estate squatting landlord wanted to charge them an arm and a leg for living space?

    Please, take a look at the BS that takes place in real estate market on a vast scale before opening your mouth to complain about domain name owners.

    No company was ever not formed because they couldn’t find a “decent dot com starter name”

  2. You gotta love these people who have no foresight and take no risks – and then have the nerve to bitch about someone wanting a decent ROI on an a asset that that only they saw the value in (early), and placing a bet on the future value of that property.

    It’s been said many times before, but NO real estate buyer has the balls to make an argument like, “But your grandmother only paid $6,500 for that beach house in 1938, so what makes you think that someone would pay 100 times that for it in 2017?”

    Hey, maybe this guy can try out the ‘squatter’ argument with owners of homes in Toronto or Vancouver, based on the housing bubble that exists there. After all, it’s just wouldn’t be fair to him if he doesn’t already own real property in one of those high-flying cities.

    • Great news for this potential buyer there are now over 1000 gtld options so nobody has to ever starve again because they didn’t get the domain they wanted.

      Now to what Gene said above, Vancouver has a 1% vacancy rate, and if you have $1.5M you can get a tear down house in the seedy part of town, Toronto has quickly become much of the same. The govt put a 15% foreign buyer tax to stop the Chinese from moving their money into homes as if it was a bank account. They just got around it by assigning a 3% share in the home to a willing acting local buyer, saving themselves 12%, and to get around the city’s unoccupied tax, that 3% local buyer gets to live in the home for free, and maintain it.

      Only place in the world where the majority of applications to purchase a $30M home has under occupation student, or homemaker.

  3. he can always register FreeRangeAlligatorPissForSale.Horse for 10 bucks and $50,000,000 renewal from Uniregistry for his new venture

  4. Squatting= freebies?
    SmartSquatting= yes

    Pls. I just sold my first domain to the startup company?
    A medium size company. They raise almost $3million in fundings. One of the founder “CEO”contacted me; and he was so nice. So I didn’t become greedy= buyer and seller are both happy with the outcome?

  5. Can anyone tell what’s the average price for correct spelling one word domain name?

    It consist of 7 letters word and 8 letters word. ?

  6. If you have a good product, niche, quality content, it will sell regardless of the name, if the name is taken, pick another one, or come up with your own, if you’r product is as good as you say, it will sell,,, ..then who becomes the squatter? I got a name, I invested time and money, I also take care of it, pick another one, or make me an offer,..squatting starts when a person wants a name already taken, and does everything behind curtains to either get some profit or get legal rights over it… Words are real state, just like the land your standing on is part of planet earth an is also real state…

    • Unfortunately, the term/word “squatting” is defined/interpreted by individual/people; whois belief/perception is/are governed/manipulated by thier programed mind. Have you noticed the term/word “trademark” and “squatting” are mostly used and abused?

  7. You guys are sociopaths. Don’t be surprised when people are unkind to you.

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