Buyer updates domain name whois details 3 years after I sold the domain!

I sold a .us domain name back in January 2011. It was for about $1500 if I remember correctly but that is not the point. The domain name was registered at Moniker and the buyer transferred out to DIRECTNIC and completed the transaction.

I thought that all was ok when I started getting inquiries from people that wanted to buy the domain name. I wondered why and when I checked whois I understood why. The buyer hadn’t changed the whois details.

Also because of one of various problems that Moniker has been having with contacts the domain was not displaying my last name but only my first name: “Konstantinos”. So in a case of a .US nexus investigation, where the .us registry Neustar checks to see if Nexus requirements are fulfilled, the domain name would probably get deleted.

After every inquiry I got I would email the buyer at the email address I had from the escrow transaction but every time I would get no reply.

I got more and more inquiries. The most inquiries of every other .us domain I own. And I own a few good ones. I didn’t understand why because the domain was simply a hack. I still don’t understand. I also own the non-hack version of the domain but not much action there. I had to reply to each inquiry that I don’t own the domain name. They would always ask me if I had the contact details of the buyer but I couldn’t give them his email address. One of the interested parties was very angry because of this… Very angry!!!

Actually it was pretty easy to get his details. All you had to do was check whois for the nameserver and his email was there for all to see. 🙂

The domain name was not resolving although he had changed the nameservers so most people thought that they could buy it. I guess he never setup hosting or a redirection for it.

Anyway after 3 years of not a single reply to my emails I finally send an email and told the buyer that I would file a report and his domain name would get deleted. Finally I got a reply and he said that the domain was now owned by his old partner and that he would let him know about this. The whois details were updated a month later.

That is more than 3 years after I sold the domain name. Better late than never.

I always try to follow up and ask all buyers to update whois details. If you don’t you could open the doors to various legal problems in an event that the domain name is used illegally.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. I am considering one of your .US names…..Ashley?? Can you let me know the price…You can email if you want to keep it private.

  2. I often felt .us was a forgotten extension, that is great you had such an amazing domain that would garner that much interest in .us.

    The extension never lived up to it’s potential IMO.

    • I am not sure it was that amazing…
      But hen again I might have bad taste in domains. 🙂
      Maybe .us will gain some traction now.

      • You would think with the new GTLD rollout .us, .biz, .us, even .name would gain traction. I am not so sure now. The fact donuts is looking to ipo options, makes me think they are looking to get out quick from this, I do feel many uneducated people jumped on the bandwagon, and we will see the realization of this on the drops next year. We will see where the renewal rates end up, and that will decide what happens with investors buying into the drops. I feel retention rates on renewal will be weak.

      • Well the EAP program and the fact that Donuts has already 25 new gtlds out in the market when others have 0 has made them some money.
        But I still believe that this money is not enough to even cover the application costs. (And I just mean the $185k ICANN fee, not any other cost related to that)

  3. Hi,
    Can anyone register .US? I thought you have to be a citizen or entity of US.

  4. A classic, we are periodically receiving email notifications for a bunch of domains we do not own and that were just in escrow at at a moment. Depending the registrar, after a push the WHOIS does not change and buyer don’t do it despite our persistance.

    • It seems that people have no respect of their own properties.
      They pay thousands of dollars but they don’t want to spend 5 minutes to change whois details.

      I wonder if they would do the same if they were buying a car or a house. I guess not.

      • Teh case is that big registrars like godaddy when you initiate a transfer do not have anymore option to automatically takes your details after transfer and name is arriving with seller’s details.
        I had sell a video related .tv name, buyer transferred to godaddy and established an illegal video sharing site using my contact details.
        GD support needed about 3 months to solve this.
        Imo the correct is at end of push or transfer domain to take automatically the details from receiving account

      • A lot of registrars do change details on push or transfer.
        A few (like GD) don’t and these create a lot of problems.

  5. I’ve been offered a lot of money for several of my Godaddy .com domains. What companies would you suggest working with to sell it? I want to make sure everything is done correctly and legally for the transaction and domain transfer? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  6. are there any domain consultants who I could llist my .com’s in hopes they would be interested in helping me sell…. should I park my domains, or develop them for a potential buyer?

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