Radix announces .Fun extension acquisition and launch dates

Radix announced today that it recently acquired exclusive rights for the new domain extension, .FUN. The transfer was finalized last month.

.FUN’s main competition will probably be Uniregistry’s .LOL extension. Radix now owns 9 strings including .tech, .store, .space and .online.

Radix bought the new extension from Oriental Trading Company, Inc. (OTC) for an undisclosed amount. OTC won the New gTLD in an auction involving Google and dotStrategy, Co., owner of .buzz.

.Buzz is soon to be auctioned with a $3.5 million starting price. Google didn’t do much bidding in extensions that were not in its core business.

Radix said that “One of the rare meaningful 3-character new gTLDs, .fun is the perfect extension for individuals & companies focusing on a wide array of entertainment & leisure sectors.

Online entertainment captures over 70% of all internet consumption globally & its consumers continue to grow. A majority of internet users in the US (130 mil) & UK (33 mil) have spent more time on the internet for entertainment purposes, than they did a year ago.”

Some of the purposes & segments which .fun caters to include:

  • Events: Parties, Clubs, Festivals
  • Tourism: City Guides, Tours, Activities
  • Gaming: Online gaming, Video games, Board games
  • Television: Humour
  • Comedy: Artists, Social Media, Gags, Viral Videos
  • Kids: Play Schools, Social Engagement, Toys
  • Individuals: For any type of “fun” personal sites & blogs

Radix said that companies can also look to use .fun for secondary websites or microsites for customer or employee engagement activities.

Launch Timeline

.Fun is currently in the pre-delegation phase. Here is the tentative timeline for the .fun launch:

Sunrise: 10th Jan – 10th Mar, 2017
Early Access Phase: 11th Mar – 18th Mar, 2017
General Availability: 20th Mar, 2017

Radix will release the final dates soon.


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  1. radix is to heavy handed with the premiums, if .blog taught anyone anything, save your time, MM had a point

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