.US to host its annual town hall meeting

.US and Neustar are hosting a Town Hall meeting this month for the United States’ country code Top-Level Domain, .US.

The virtual .US Public Stakeholder Town Hall Meeting will take place on October 26, from 3pm to 4:15pm Eastern, or 10am to noon Pacific and will provide an opportunity to share information about the .US Namespace.

Featured speakers include members of the .US Stakeholders Council as well as Neustar representatives, who are prepared to discuss stats and updates on the state of the domain industry, the state of .US specifically and considerations for .US growth.

Featured Speakers:

  • Scott Blake Harris – Host, Chair .US Stakeholder Council
  • Shane Tews – Host, Co-chair .US Stakeholder Council
  • Crystal Peterson – Director, Registry Services Neustar
  • Kimberly Miller – Associate General Counsel Neustar
  • Becky Burr – Deputy General Counsel Neustar

The town hall will feature a rundown of the current state of the domain industry and .US specifically. Plus policy considerations for domain growth including Privacy Service, Premium Names and IDN.

Agenda items include:

— State of the Domain Industry
— State of .US
— Policy proposals under consideration to grow .US and respond to the concerns and interests of .US registrants. Specifically, we will be discussing and soliciting community input on:
•  Privacy Registration Services
•  Premium Names, including 1 and 2 character strings
•  IDN registrations in .US.

If you have an interest in .US domains and want to be part of the discussion you can register for the webcast here.

Date: 10/26/16

Time: 3:00PM .EDT

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes


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  1. Waste of time, Americans will never want a .us domain , because we don’t acknowledge anything that is America only, because America is everything. I even had a friend ask me what .US stands for.

  2. I have owned several .us domains over the years and developed them all into small business models. The majority of them generated income, pay their own renewals, and bring in a profit each year. As a .us investor, I may attend this webcast.

  3. 2016.us just sold for $13000 We have 9088.us and are looking for more.us numerics.

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