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New Domain Names Launching In 2017: .Storage, .Art, .Hospital, , .Fun, .Baby, .Web

These are the new domain name extensions (New gTLDs) that are launching in 2016 and 2017.

The list includes highly anticipated domain extensions such as .Shop that was purchased for $41.5 million, .Blog bought for about $19 million by WordPress and .Web that was recently won in an auction by Verisign for $135 million.

2 closely competing names, .shop and .shopping, offered by 2 different registries (GMO and Donuts) launch within a few days in September.

The 2 lists below include the registry name, sunrise dates, landrush (were applicable) and early access dates (were applicable) and the general availability date for each domain name string. The first list is targeted to trademark holders while the second one to all other interested parties.

(.Motorcycles launched but it is a restricted extension and only verified entities can register a domain name.)

New gTLD Extension Registry Sunrise Opens Sunrise Closes GA
.motorcycles Dominion Registries 2016-08-18 2016-11-16 2016-08-18
.games Rightside 2016-07-12 2016-09-10 2016-09-21
.shop GMO Registry 2016-06-30 2016-08-29 2016-09-26
.shopping Donuts 2016-07-19 2016-09-17 2016-09-28
.doctor Donuts 2016-08-23 2016-10-22 2016-11-02
.blog WordPress 2016-08-18 2016-10-17 2016-11-21
.moi Amazon 2016-06-01 2016-07-15 2017-02-28
.storage Self Storage Company 2016-07-05 2016-08-30 2017-01-10
.fun Radix 2017-01-23 2017-03-22
.web* Verisign Q4 2016 Q1 2017 Q1 or Q2 2017


New gTLD Extension Registry Landrush Starts Landrush Ends Early Access GA GA
.motorcycles Dominion Registries NA NA NA 2016-08-18
.games Rightside 2016-09-14 2016-09-21 NA 2016-09-21
.shop GMO Registry 2016-09-01 2016-09-26 NA 2016-09-26
.shopping Donuts NA NA 2016-09-21 2016-09-28
.doctor Donuts NA NA 2016-10-26 2016-11-02
.blog WordPress 2016-11-02 2016-11-09 NA 2016-11-21
.cam ACWebConnecting Holding B.V. NA NA 2016-12-07 2016-12-14
.storage Self Storage Company 2016-09-06 2017-01-03 NA 2017-01-10
.moi Amazon 2016-08-01 2016-08-23 NA 2017-02-28
.hospital Rightside NA NA 2017-03-15 2017-03-22
.baby Johnson & Johnson 2017-04-12
.fun Radix
.art UK Creative Ideas Limited 2017-02-08 2017-05-09 NA 2017-05-10
.web* Verisign Q1 2017 Q1 2017 Q1 2017 Q1 or Q2 2017

* The .Web launch dates have not been published by Verisign yet and are a prediction. Verisign could decide to launch .web much later.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. You have to mortgage your house to buy into a decent keyword, and when it comes for renewal you will have to sell your car.

    Wow what a great concept GTLDs

  2. Sorry, I am not buying

  3. What’s the latest on .web?

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