DotGay LLC Creates Video Going Against ICANN Over .Gay

DotGay LLC is the originator of a proposal to create a .gay domain space on the Internet. Formed to garner support for a .gay TLD and advance a mandate for delivering tangible financial and strategic benefits for the LGBTQIA. dotgay’s proposal is based on:

  1. channeling 67% of the profits from the sale of .gay domain names to community organizations
  2. safeguarding key community domains, and
  3. building greater community benefit on the Internet.

DotGay LLC has received the support of more than 250 LGBTQIA organizations from around the world. As the only community-based applicant for the .gay domain, dotgay LLC has enlisted the input of the global gay community to develop the mission for .gay, including the participation of community leaders and LGBTQIA organizations and associations around the globe.

ICANN’s Board ended its meeting on August 9, 2016 without making a decision on the fate of the .GAY domain space. Read more here.

Here is the video that DotGay LLC created and goes against ICANN and the 3 other applicants for .gay:

The Internet is often hailed as the greatest gift ever given to the world, yet only some share in the control and economic empowerment of its operations. The gay community is not among the sharing. The LGBTQIA are merely renters of space on the World Wide Web, with no tangible voice, vote or stake in the global hub of communications and commerce.

Learn how you can help support LGBTQIA efforts to ensure that when .GAY is introduced on the Internet that it is operated and governed by the gay community. You can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign at…


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