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Donuts Will Decrease Pricing for New .BUSINESS and .COMPANY Domains

Effective at 16:00 UTC on October 1, 2016, Donuts will adjust downward the standard wholesale price for new, non-premium registrations in .BUSINESS and .COMPANY.

Donuts says that “This adjustment better aligns registration prices with emerging market pricing for fully generic TLDs and further facilitates their bundling into fixed price web presence and hosting packages.”

Following are the details of this update:

  • New, non-premium registrations from October 1 forward—and future renewals or transfers of these names—will enjoy the lower price.
  • All existing registrations (a combined approximate 60,000 registrations in these gTLDs) are unaffected by this change. Renewal and transfer pricing will remain unchanged from its current level.
  • If any registrations in this same approximate set of 60,000 registered before October 1 are surrendered by their current registrants and deleted, but then are subsequently registered by another party (including after October 1), the higher wholesale price will apply.
  • Subscribers to our Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) similarly are unaffected.

These seem very confusing and most people outside the domaining business will never understand it.

Donuts notes that their wholesale pricing to registrars is not made public.  They are providing notification of this change well in advance of its implementation to provide their registrar partners sufficient time to make necessary operational adjustments and to allow registrants to anticipate the update.

Registrants with questions regarding pricing for any Donuts gTLD should contact their registrars for additional information.


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  1. they should do that much earlier, now with all new TLDs out there and with decreasing enthusiasm among potential new TLDs buyers they will not gain much.
    Not to mention that those extensions long time on the market with really funny number of registrations.

  2. They didn’t specify how much of a downward pricing will take place. I’m not sure it will be enough to generate a steady influx of registrations. Unless of course they make it a limited time promotion for say 3 to 6 months with a rock bottom attractive price. Maybe even a 75% off 1st year special would work. It’s hard to speculate with all the competition out there now.

  3. All the hype in the world can’t replace the realization that there was just too many different extension released i was waiting for the next one .runoutofideas

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