Undeveloped.com New gTLD Domain Auction Results

Undeveloped.com had a New gTLD domain name auction. This was the second auction for the Undeveloped.com platform after the premium .com and ccTLD auction.

The auction ran from the 20th June to the 6th July and featured 65 domains. See the list here.

In the end 24 out of 65 domain names were sold at an average price of 154 Euro (about $171).

The highest price was 1.100 Euro (about $1,220) for psycholoog.amsterdam (psychologist in Dutch) and the second highest sale was find.work which netted 1.000 Euro (about $1,109).

Unfortunately no more domain sales were shared from the auction house.

You can find these and all other New gTLD domain name sales prices at Sold.Domains.


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  1. $4104 in total revenue generated from this auction?

    If so, that’s embarrassing.

    Did I read that correctly?

  2. The question should be asked and discussed, “Are aftermarket sales of New G’s slowly dying?”…………….

      • Well the New G aftermarket doesn’t seem to be gaining momentum. It seems stagnant at best. I don’t own many New G’s, but the ones I do have are good and are receiving far less offers today than last year and the year before. The major end user’s I have spoken with recently seem very reluctant and not willing to spend on the New G’s at this time. That brings this conversation to marketing. The “NON COM” campaign is horrific at best. The New G’s should market as their own entity and not label themselves as “NON COM”, that is not doing themselves any favors….What do you think K, are aftermarket sales of New G’s getting better or worse? After over two years into this, are they any further along regarding awareness etc.?

  3. It could be the lack of exposure too.

    Even domainers are not all familiar with Undeveloped that is a new outfit.

    The results are disappointing but maybe it’s a sign that there is sanity left in the market. I would have been shocked, had domainers paid 5 figures for any for those names (that were cherry-picked, far from the worst).

  4. I bought 3 names there and two of them were above the average.

  5. Come on, John, you did NOT buy 3 names there with two being above the average. That is a lie. Do you work for Undeveloped or something? Please don’t stoop to that level.

    Undeveloped has basically no market share and that’s why the results were bad. I doubt it has anything to do with new gTLDs at all.

    • There were some lower quality domains we accepted simply because they had no-reserve that got sold for prices like €1. As you can imagine, those sales lower the average sale prices dramatically.

      We added those names not because we expected them to sell for +$1k but because we wanted to have some no-reserve names for you to bid on as well.

      Besides that, I wouldn’t conclude based on one specific auction if there’s industry wide interest in gTLD’s or not. On our marketplace we see gTLD’s get sold for prices above $2K on a daily basis.

      Finally, we don’t publish exact sale prices publicly because we want to protect our buyers. You don’t want the exact price to get published and indexed in Google as that might hurt your future sale to and end-user.

  6. Hi guys,

    It’s good to see a discussion going on here. Just a quick clarification from our end. We’re running some experimental auctions at the moment that help us to find new mechanisms to see how we can lift outlier sales for our sellers. For example, we discovered for end-users having an estimated price from a third party allows our sellers to net higher sales than when we just show a reserve range (which is more reseller friendly).

    The scope of the gTLD auction wasn’t big so we’re not completely surprised by the results. It’s unfortunate as we did put quite some effort in getting more action.

    One thing we did notice was that the end-users that our brokerage team reached out to weren’t fully up to date with the existence of the new options. Unlike the previous auction where we got in big brands in to bid on domains it was hard to convince end-users with this specific auction to get involved in the bidding action.

    Next month we’ll have our third international auction in partnership with well know brokers in our industry. The idea there is to get the perfect mix of qualified buyers brought in by Undeveloped as our partner broker(s) to get optimal outcome for our sellers.

    We’re not afraid to test so expect more crazy themes like “rent price auctions” to pop up in the future ;).

  7. Reza,
    I especially appreciate your comments below.

    “I wouldn’t conclude based on one specific auction if there’s industry wide interest in gTLD’s or not. On our marketplace we see gTLD’s get sold for prices above $2K on a daily basis”.

    I see a base developing at 2k+ across the board for good-better domains. Registries bases have increased so sellers bases should follow.

    “We’re running some experimental auctions”, “We’re not afraid to test”

    Part of the excitement of the new G’s is the experimental, creative, factor.
    I like the rent price auction idea.
    Cheers !

  8. I like Undeveloped’s style, plus they are very approachable.

    I’ve just sold a .xyz with them ( from the 0.01 batch 🙂 …

    imho any market that truthfully shares their sales, even if it’s “low” will thrive and

    conquer many followers -after all, what is the median price of the majority of domains

    sold by Sedo, GD ? 200 ? 300 ?

    Maybe @Konstantinos can do a poll asking domainers, “Where have you sold most of your gtlds and what was the median price … “

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