Trending Keywords In .COM & .NET Domain Names (net, research, Trump)

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The top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET domain names during the month of May 2016 were published by Verisign, the .com and .net registry..

“Trump” is back on both lists after one month. “Trump” was number 1 in the February report.

This is the first month that there are 3 common keywords in the .com and .net lists: net, research and Trump.

New keywords in the .com (that is more generic from the 2 extensions) list include “ticket”, “window”, “desk”, “plumber”. These seem to be seasonal keywords.

Top 10 Keyword Registration Trends for .COM and .NET in May 2016:

top-10-trending-may-2016These are not the top 10 keywords but rather the keywords that saw the highest increase in terms of domain name registrations. Each list was developed by examining keyword registration growth relative to the preceding month, such that those keywords with the highest percentage of registration growth are being reported on. This method is used to eliminate commonly registered keywords, such as “online” and “shop,” to provide a true look at monthly trends.

If you’d like to do your own domain name keyword research, check out Verisign Domain View, a tool that allows you to enter keywords to see registration trends in .COM and .NET.


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