The Next Web (TNW) Europe Conference – Day 2

Second day at the The Next Web (TNW) Europe conference was as good as the first day. I think there were even more people attending the second day and final day.

People in Amsterdam sure like their bicycles and their lockers:


I finally found the Uniregistry booth. I don’t know how I missed it the first day…


Jeff Sass was for a second day speaking to people about .Club and new domain names. I bet he found some buyers for some premium .club domains!!!


There were again 6 stages active at every time with different themes and speakers. Some had a different theme from the first day and some the same.


Here are some of the sessions I attended on the 2nd day:

  • Jonathan Rochelle, Google Drive
    Making a Product means Making Decisions
  • Leo Widrich, Buffer
    Building Company Culture at Buffer: Radical Transparency and Experiments
  • Peter Sunde, The Pirate Bay
    Technology is neither good nor bad: you are
  • Bill Buxton, Microsoft
    Socializing technology for the mobile human
  • Gillian Tans,
    Building a Hospitality Behemoth, in conversation with Patrick de Laive
  • Werner Vogels, Amazon
    Does AI make Apps Evil? – Create smart applications with Machine Learning
  • John Underkoffler, Oblong
    New UI as Professional Superpower
  • Harold Goddijn, TomTom
    The Future of Transportation & Autonomous Driving
  • Casey Neistat, Film Producer
    Internet Famous: the Future of Media
  • Ryan Holiday, Bestselling Author
    The Obstacle is the Way
  • David Allen, Getting Things Done
    Game-changing Innovations

Harold Goddijn from TomTom talked about self driving cars and their future.


Peter Sunde gave a very interesting and inspirationl talk and he also talked about self driving cars.


Many of you will probably recognize Casey Neistat. He has over 3 million YouTube followers.


He came to the conference by wakeboarding in the Amsterdam canals in a tux. And he made the YouTube homepage with this video!

And here is a company that likes domain names and it shows. has built an empire in Europe on their many .com and ccTLD domain names.


I know Radix representatives and Michael Gilmour were at the conference but I didn’t manage to find them. I will catch up with them at Domaining Europe 2016.

Live coverage of TNW Europe conference was offered on a .ONLINE domain. Visit  for more.


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  1. Looks like non-domainer tech conferences offer a lot of opportunities 😉 Thank you for the coverage!

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