Flare – The New Idea App From GoDaddy

A new GoDaddy app named Flare was released and it is not what you think. It is an idea app that helps people start a new business.

Flare is a mobile app that lets you get quick feedback on ideas from fellow entrepreneurs, experts, potential customers and investors.

To download the app visit: https://89ms.app.link/flare-by-godaddy (Flare is currently only available on the iPhone. Android will be coming soon.)

“Flare is an idea app that allows people to easily share ideas and get feedback from friends, entrepreneurs and experts. With Flare, in a few simple steps, you can submit your idea and quickly start receiving input. You can pose questions…engage in conversations that can turn your idea into more than just a thought. Flare gives you a small group of “advisors” to take your idea to the next level. Flare also allows you to give back to the community. Offer your expertise to others who need that little push to get their idea off the ground. And become part of their journey.”

You don’t need a GoDaddy account to start using the app. You can start without creating an account. At some point, you will be required to sign in with Facebook, so that the people you are communicating with can get to know you. The app won’t post anything on Facebook on your behalf or send messages to your Facebook contacts. The app uses Facebook only to verify your identity.


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