5 Domainers That Were Missing From NamesCon 2016

namescon-escrowNamesCon 2016 ended and I was thinking what domainers did not attend.

So I compiled a small list of domainers that I wanted to see at NamesCon this year for various reasons (good or bad) but they did not come. You will understand what I mean by “various reason” when you read the list.

Here are the 5 domainers that were missing from NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas:

  1. Adam Dicker (Everybody was wondering if he will come. Some said he was coming. Some were looking for him, and they did not seem happy!)
  2. Mark Hershiser (I haven’t met Mark in person but I think it would be fun to party with Mark in Vegas!)
  3. Claude Dauman (I met him last year at NamesCon 2015 and he is one of the kindest people I know.)
  4. Truk Tran (I also met him last year. He is very quiet and not a lot of people know how many domains he has and how successful he is. Great guy.)
  5. Mike Mann (A lot of people including myself would like to to meet Mike.)

There are more people that did not attend NamesCon like Aaron Strong and I might have forgotten some people. I did not include Rick as he is retired. You are free to add others in the comments below.

Photos From NamesCon 2016 (Part 1)

Photos From NamesCon 2016 (Part 2)


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  1. 6. Rick Schwartz. Retired or not, he’s the Domain King.

  2. I’m assuming Adam was banned from conferences after the recent incident

  3. I’m amazed there are still people in the domain name industry that are not aware that Dicker stole money from customers and partners without delivering what was promised. He is not a “domainer” any longer, nor should people trust him ever again. The industry is better off without him. (Not intended for your Konstantinos…but others I hear asking about him.)

    • All I know is DNFORUM is a slow, ghost town. Site is very generic, and lifeless.

      I think he said he had a 7 figure offer to sell back in the day, I am sure he would take half of that in a heartbeat today.

  4. How long has it been now since we have heard from Mark Hershiser about 2 years.

    Hope he’s doing well.

  5. You forgot one of the most important ones, without which I would never have found your blog and without who, our industry would still be stuck in the stone ages.

    Francois… Where were you man?

  6. Thanks for the shout out!…I really hope to attend next year and play some pool with Konstantinos and Acro!….I would also like to see Mark Hershiser, as he is missed!…Joseph Peterson is on my short list as well……I would also like to have some drinks with DomainShane and Adam Strong (no relation, but I am sure we can all find a way to put the past behind us and get along)…..There are many others, but I am off to the kids baseball game in a hurry.

  7. My entourage won’t let me attend, next time I’ll have to disguise …

  8. I missed NamesCon this year sadly. Had my bags packed, room reserved, and then an unexpected hospital visit for a hernia repair followed by the Birth of my Son a few days later. I’ll see you all next year though.

  9. Truc couldn’t make it because he had a baby on Jan 9. Mike Mann doesn’t ever go to conf as he doesn’t like to fly. He did attend Domainfest a few years ago because he drove out with his, then, gf and stayed in Santa Monica for the entire summer (beats the weather in Delaware)

  10. so for those of us there, hearing the those missing list was 5-7 really shows the great efforts of the show organizers to build a winner.

    page howe

  11. Thank you Konstantinos! I am humbled by your kind words! The feelings are mutual.
    I’m very disappointed I didn’t get to see my friends at NamesCon this year. I had a family function which I needed to attend.

  12. Hopefully we can welcome all of you to next year’s show! Mark your calendars… January 22-25, 2017.

  13. Missed Namescon, my twin daughters 1st basketball game is much more important than Namescon. All you dads understand what I am takling about. Before kids, used to go to all the conference, things change, don’t want to miss any of my kids events.

  14. Truc and Claude were at the Domain Conference in Florida in Sept. That is wonderful news about the baby for him. The problem I had wasn’t the lack of people but the lack of time with so many people in one place for a few days it was hard to talk with everyone even good friends. But it was good to see you there and I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the event. I always forget to take them and the ones I did take didn’t come out as good as yours did.

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