I Will Even List Domains For Sale That Are Not Actually For Sale!

gtldsI am listing all my domain names for sale. Even OnlineDomain.com or OnlineDomains.com will get listed. But I am not really interested in selling all of my domains.

And it is not only domains that are developed that are not for sale. I have a few domain names that I simply will not sell. Zournas.com for example. It is my last name and I don’t want to sell it. And there are more domains not for sale that are not so obvious. Like the first domain name I ever bought in 2000. It still makes money in PPC but that is not why I am keeping it.

All these domains are listed for sale. Some even have a landing page with a “for sale” sign. But you will know they are not for sale when you inquire about them. The price will be extremely high.

It is like listing your home for sale when you don’t really want to move. You are asking for 3 times what homes next to you are worth.

But everything is for sale. And you never know. Someone might actually buy your home or your domain. But the price will be worth it, for you to move. From your home or your domain…

So next time you inquire about a domain name and you think that the price quoted is very high, think about it. The “seller” might not be motivated to sell. Not everything is for sale but it might as well have a price.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I get what you’re saying in general. But listing your home for sale when you don’t really want to move? 😀

    Personally, I don’t list for sale what isn’t for sale. In fact, sometimes when DomainTools screws up and lists for sale domains that aren’t for sale, I let them know.

    • A lot of people do it. Especially for vacation homes. They list them even for years until they get the price to motivate them.

      • In the US however, homes that remain listed “for sale” for a long time gain a negative reputation. If they don’t get sold, there must be something wrong with them. Sales occur when the price drops at a level consistent with the area’s average.

  2. Everybody handles things differently.

    Personally, like Konstantinos, I list for sale even domains I wouldn’t sell. Some reasons:

    (1) Bulk processes are simpler when I treat all domains the same way. Filtering out domains for various use cases takes time.

    (2) A number of domains in my portfolio are tied to future acquisitions. Separating these by not listing them for sale would simply draw attention to my plans, thereby raising my subsequent purchase costs.

    (3) From time to time, buyers show up who might turn into partners. Joint ventures are an attractive option for many of the domains I care most about. As a matter of fact, this year I’ve had very involved discussions with “buyers” about teaming up. Not leasing. I mean getting really involved in operations.

  3. I list most of my not-for-sale domains at high prices (offer/counteroffer), just to discourage low ballers from bothering me about a name I’m using.

    One exception: domains that MIGHT have issues with TMs. I don’t have many of these, and most of them were acquired before there was an issue or when I was a newb.

    Also, I have one name for which I would not take less than $1.5 million, and it’s definitely not worth that (not even close), so I just don’t list it.

    Also, I have some domains that are trending (not yet worth a lot, but could be in the near future), so I have placed high prices on those as well because I want to hold them for a while. But if the right offer comes along…

    I don’t do BINs, simply because if I list on more than one venue, I wouldn’t want to have two BINs at one time.

  4. Well if you sell onlinedomain.com you always have onlinedomain.club 🙂

  5. May we ask what the name you bought back in 2000 was?

    Can you publicly tell us your most valuable name?

    I mean with this kind of post you got us all curious and no names are exposed.

    It is like a very sexy woman wants to come home with you, but but she does not want to sleep with you, she just comes to drink coffee…

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