Here Is How I Chose The 2 Winners For The .XYZ & .COM Contest

xyz-logo-purpleThe .XYZ is running a parallel .xyz and .com domain name registration contest. I was the only judge for the first round and these are the winners and how I arrived to this decision.

The best .COM domain goes to GREATBUDDIES.COM

When asked why they thought this would be the winning .COM domain, John said:

“It’s an exceptional easy name to remember that EVERYONE has used at sometime in their life-in any country worldwide.”

And the best .XYZ domain goes to TRANSCRIBE.XYZ

When asked how they would use this awesome .XYZ domain, Jacob explained:

I’m going to be launching a free, online, automatic transcription service, and releasing the source code open-source. Transcribe. That is what the site will do.

Like most open-source projects, they tend to pick the name based on the primary function. It’s short and sweet. Every iteration of Transcribe I could think of was registered. .XYZ gave me the most succinct solution!

I was a bit disappointed with the number of domain name submissions. Only 6 .com were submitted and 16 .xyz. I guess nobody wants to win $1,000 or was everybody having a vacation?

I was amazed to see a few of the domains that were submitted were registered before the contest. One was from 1989 (!!!), a couple were from non US residents and a few from people that didn’t even own the domains. Someone submitter And that was before Google picked for their new company website.Sometimes I am really amazed by people that don’t even try to read the rules.

Here are my top 3 picks for each category: is selling at BuyDomains for $688. Plural is better.
Resale value: $1000+

Could be a small thing or nothing at all.
Resale value: unknown at this time is free.
Resale value is a bit more than reg fee.
Except for .com almost all major TLDs are taken by domain investors.
That is not always a good thing if you are targeting to resale the domain but the owner wants to develop the name. can be bought for $497 at Sedo.
I chose the domain because it is a 1-word domain and because the owner has a great project in mind. That is how a .xyz domain can be used: open sourse projects from people with low budget. The owner is using as it professional website so he knows how to take a risk.
Nice keyword but resale value is close to reg fee.
I am not into 2-word New gTLDs but in some cases you can’t express some things with 1 word. Resale value is close to reg fee.

Round 2 of The Challenge is now open for submissions. The drill is the same. Register and submit the best .COM and .XYZ domains you can find through September 3, and you’ll be entered to win $1,000! Read the rules before you enter.

.XYZ domains are selling for $1 at Namecheap, that makes it that much easier to participate in Round 2 of The Challenge.

Stay tuned to find out who the judges are for round 2…


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Hi K-I’ve listed on BrandBucket for $2,275 . The listing you mentioned above was by the previous owner. I’d also like to say that if a company is looking for a great name they really should consider-in my We just bought . Where would we possibly find that in another extension-who knows what someone would pay for the .com version. We’re just holding as an investment. And as to the .xyz Challenge-it’s for real-it’s free to submit a name and it’s fun.

  2. I would have picked ABC.XYZ 😛

  3. I’d love to have enter this one with versus but I’m outside USA…entry closed…what a pity for these rules 🙂

  4. US only as usual… and so people that can sell names for 1000x the acquisition price, within one year, are out…

  5. Nice initiative but as some said it’s only for the chosen ones as in “u.s residents” 😉

  6. Yep this “U.S” only ………..sums it up well (us only)

  7. This is totally bogus and should be INVALID!!

    HOW can the contest is only opened to US resident BUT here is the kicker, the judge is from GREECE!!!

    go figure!!

    THIS is like giving more money to them or…the fox guarding the chicken coop!

  8. Thought about entering the contest; but if I were to win it (with either a .com or an .xyz), then people would assume it was rigged in some fashion.

    The 2 names you chose are each pretty good – especially considering the small number of submissions. Few topics fit .XYZ in meaning, but transcription is one of the few. I bought the .SOFTWARE.

  9. I would like to join this contest for my newly registered domain, RedContest (dot) com but unfortunately, only for US residents 🙁 can you open it to global? why only US? just wondering.. 🙂

  10. I prefer SKINORGASMS.COM

    sounds exotic

  11. Domain for Sale

    -Please don’t post domains for sale. Thanks-

  12. Really would have loved if international Contest would have run instead of U.S Residents only , I registered domain yesterday in just one go.

  13. Ok Kon ,sorry

  14. Ah… what… come on… man? 🙂

    I would argue that “Horsepower” is a singular term at this point due to the fact it is in wide use in the auto and motor world.

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