Importance Of Having The Right Online Brand Identity (video)

london-domainsDot London was at the London Technology Week 2015 and it just published a video with some of the highlights of its presentation and the reactions.

Watch the video here:

“What is your online brand identity? Is it an extension of your already established branding or is it a totally different part of your plan? Is it your domain name, your social media profile or what your website looks like? How does it fit into your big plans?

Marketing and online branding experts Tristan Wilkinson (Digital Citizens), Nick Leech (123-Reg), Andrew Grill (IBM) and Sarah Beckett (Birdsong) explain what makes an online brand identity effective and how it can help your company grow, looking at key issues such as:

– Keeping it fresh, engaging and worth talking about
– Choosing the domain name best suits your company’s strategy and audience
– Thinking about which social media platforms best suit your brand strategy
– Ensuring that it fits with your business and branding strategy

It’s one thing having an online brand identity, but it’s another thing keeping it consistent across all platforms, reflecting your company’s honesty and trustworthiness to attract new customers and retain your current ones.

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  1. Microsoft likes the New G’s beyond just brand protection…..Computer.Systems

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