Net.Work Sold For $100k Was Only 1 Of 430 Premium .Work Domains Sold

MindsAndMachinesMinds + Machines Group Limited announced that registrations within .work have now passed 55,000 positioning it in the top 20 of new top-level domains launched under ICANN’s new gTLD programme.

The company also reported the sale of the Premium Name “” for US$100,000 (£62,500) as a result of the Group’s direct sales team activity. The price charged is for the first year usage, a significant annual renewal fee then applies. The fee was not revealed in the announcement but I found out that it was more than $5,000 per year.

Would You Pay $100,000 For The Domain Net.Work So You Can Renew It At $5,000+?
(Post has some interesting comments.)

In total, over 430 Premium Names have been sold in the .work domain to date. These sales have not been disclosed by the registry. Sold.Domains only reports 4 .work sales.

Antony Van Couvering, CEO of Minds + Machines, commented:

We are very pleased with the traction our pricing strategy is having in the market for broad generic names such as .work with low-cost incentives driving volume and high-value/lower volume premium names driving revenue. We will look to continue building on this momentum across our portfolio.

During the month of June, Minds + Machines ran a heavily discounted promotion on .work through the registrar channel. They have sold over 20,000 domains with this promotion.

Separately, the Company operates a direct sales program for its significant portfolio of Premium Names. Under the progra, Minds + Machines’ portfolio of Premium Names is segmented into eight tiers with Minds +Machines’ direct sales teams focused on selling those names of higher value.


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  1. So congrats to the new owner, but he will never be able to use it unless he also owns Network.Com. Hint: he doesn’t. As a result, it is completely useless and a waste of money.

    • No it´s not my friend. Dot com is the most memorable domain extension, it is instilled in peoples’ minds more than any other: for the past and present generation but it will NOT be for the future one. The difference between and is 3 letters less in favor. That means a lot for people accessing internet from mobile devices and year after year this group grows and grows …

      • Yo
        How Greece coming along?


        How long do I have to wait for the new gtlds to overtake dot com?

        go read

      • Is not a cuestion of overtaking the .COM
        Is that for newbie domainers (those who entered in domaining the last 5 years for example) it will be very difficult to hand-register or buy at expired auctions a .COM that they could sell for 5 or 6 figures ($XX,XXX / $XXX,XXX). It´s much easier (not easy) to hand-register a new gTLD and sell it for 5 or 6 figures…
        It already happens. Definetly one word .COM domains will have always the best or a very good value but I think that in 4, 5 years
        2 words .COM will be less valuable that the matching combination in a new gTLD. Example: is or will be better than (3 letter less, you got it ???) better than better than

        Konstantinous sold which is better than
        A lot for people accessing internet from mobile devices and year after year this group grows.

        And mind that for the future generations the .COM will be “The GrandFather extension … something like Jurassic Park …

      • It´ not a cuestion of overtaking .COM

        One word .COM will always be the best (my opinion)
        but 2 words .COM will be less valuable that the matching
        combination: word + newgtld


        Konstantinos sold: which is better than (got it ?)
        It´s shorter, looks better and works better on mobile devices.
        That´s the future my friend: MOBILE DEVICES + short domain names = high value

        Talking about …
        There are some of the best .COM domains but they are owned by Rick the KING
        Nobody else has such a portfolio. He was SMART 25 years ago, be smart today. is way better than (3 letter less …)

  2. thanks for sharing this Konstantinos,
    i have a question, when is Google (Chrome) and alikes going to stop interfering with the browser’s url bar ?
    most people type without a dot and the url bar checking for searches first before resolving it, does
    favor dot com over cctlds and gtlds eh !?; but without such logic, will it not really ‘break’ the type-in traffic flow in your opinion ?

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