XYZ Registry Buys .Protection From Symantec Too!

xyz-logo-purpleThe XYZ registry, announced that .Protection New gTLD will be joining the XYZ family. That is less than 24 hours after they announced the purchase of .Security from Symantec.

.Protection was bought from Symantec too.

The XYZ registry already operates .College, .Rent and .xyz. Recently XYZ bought .Car From Google and joined Uniregistry to run .Cars, .Car, & .Auto.

Here is part of the announcement today:

“This formidable duo will now jointly offer security-related entities flexible naming options to represent their business and get found by their customers. .Protection and .Security cover the bases for security-related individuals and businesses.

Because the words are so closely related, many security companies incorporate “protection” in their names and taglines. In addition to the range of ways to use a .Security domain, .Protection opens even more doors with uses that are relevant to brand protection, or fire, crop, environment, and intrusion protection.

What are the different ways an individual or small business can advantageously use .Protection domains? You’ll see that all types of industries can utilize these domains, for different purposes, all while maintaining the authoritative presence of proactively keeping a person, place, or thing out of harms way.

Personal defense

  • MartialArts.Protection
  • TravelAbroad.Protection

Web protection

  • CyberCrime.Protection
  • OnlineIdentity.Protection

Property protection

  • TornadoDamage.Protection
  • Homeowners.Protection

Like we mentioned yesterday, we’re also exploring ways to offer SaaS (software as a service) with each .Security and .Protection domain name. We have a few ideas up our sleeves, but we want you to guess what they might be!”


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