“Now check to see what reverse domain name hijacking is or just look at the mirror.”

RDNHbI got an inquiry from a guy that went from offering $10 to threateting with a UDRP, then offering $100 and finally saying he will get a .int domain name  instead!

The inquiry was for a 3-letter .org domain name. It was one of these inquiries you dream of getting (NOT!): the ignorant cheapskate.

It all started like a common inquiry from

the United Kingdom, “Please quote for ***.org” together with a significant offer of $10 or about 6,75 GBP and a “thank you.”.

A “thank you” that wasn’t meant to be repeated again in the conversation.

My €10000 Euro quote was responded with this:
“I don’t think so. Will file a complaint with ICANN in due course.”

I responded:
“You can file anything you want, just so you know we always counter sue thieves.”

His reply:
Cybersquatting is not cool but whatever, dude.

My response:
“You have no idea what cybersquatting is MATE.”

His reply:
“Yes I do and you’re doing it, Konstantinos.
Like I say, I will file that complaint in due course. I’m not bluffing.”

My reply:
“Dear *******,
let me educate you a bit because I see you are ignorant.
You need 3+ things to get this domain:
1) you need to have a trademark, which you don’t have
2) trademark needs to be registered before I got the domain
3) I must infringe on that trademark, which I don’t
Now check to see what reverse domain name hijacking is or just look at the mirror.”

His response:
“$100. Final offer because time is precious and I’d prefer to avoid a legal dispute. I don’t need this, can run our xsg stuff through another domain.
Feel free to go wild gobbling them all up – will just drop it as a subdomain somewhere else.
What an exciting profession you’ve chosen.”

My reply:
“We don’t negotiate with thieves.
You have no idea what I do.”

His reply:
“I have no interest in continuing this conversation. I don’t care what you do. Putting in an application for ***.int instead as you’re a pain in the ass. Yeah, gotta be inter-govermental to get that. Watch me.”

My final response:
“No. I don’t care what YOU do.
You are trying to steal my domain so I am a pain in the ass? lol
Yeah I am watching because you are not getting ***.int. Not even in a thousand years.
My god, you truly know nothing.

So he was actually a cheapskate that tried to extort the domain from me by threatening legal action, made a couple of cheap offers and finally implied that he will commit some kind of fraud to get a .int domain name because he clearly is a company and not an inter-govermental organization. Simply pathetic.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I think you kept a good attitude and remarkable boldness!
    Thanks for the motivation.

  2. Interesting. Just had a similar exchange from someone in the UK who offered $100 and threatened a UDRP. Muppets…

  3. If you meant to hide the domain name, you should probably *** the .int too

  4. This is going to get more, and more common as domains go up in value, best to point them to hall of shame, and mark them as ignore

  5. Did you intentionally hide ***.org domain, but show ***.int domain?

  6. Why bother responding to this prick? Obviously he doesn’t have two brain cells intact.

  7. I had a guy from the UK offer me $20 for a two word super generic .com and then ‘requested’ me to sell it for that much or i face the consequences. What is with these guys?

  8. LOL

    You shouldn’t have even wasted your time with educating him on the 3 points

    Just tell him that filing the fee for a UDRP is $2000 (?)

    As usual, domainer autists are ASPIE (aspergers) to the nth degree with overselling, writing desperate long winded emails etc

    Take a tip from Schwartz – he would never write more than 1 sentence, if that


  9. Blockheads wander online always try to steal domains offering peanuts or threatened by complaint and its surprising they dont know what they talk about. he gonna register .int domain ?

  10. Why conceal the guy’s name? He deserves to be humiliated publicly and permanently.

    • You are right. He will get his dedicated post! 🙂

      • Today I was about to crucify somebody by publishing his messages from an unsolicited inquiry on 1 one of my domains. Figured all his future employers, investors, and customers for the next 50 years ought to find his 3 days and 4 pages of sneering homophobic profanity and (yes literally) even a spontaneous “Heil Hitler” whenever they searched his name online!

        But on Day 3 of the tirade, he spontaneously apologized. When there’s no apology, though, I say make an example of these people. They assume that they can get away with anything in email.

        People who make threats – especially those guys – deserve to be exposed.

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    I would really appreciate if you could help me out because I am feeling very pissed of because the confusion.

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